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Naughty Dog: The Last of Us May Come to PS4; Uncharted's Name Explained

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Naughty Dog is one of the most respected video game developers in the industry today, due to their work on the Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, and the Uncharted franchises. The company's most recent game, The Last of Us, was released over the summer exclusively for the PlayStation 3, and now it appears as though the company is willing to port the game over to the PlayStation 4 as well. 

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, a fan asked if a port of the game to the PlayStation 4 was possible. While Naughty Dog has previously said there was no possibility of the game coming to the PlayStation 4, now, the developer seems much more open to the possibility of the game coming to the new system.

"We're just getting our Naughty Dog engine up and running on PS4 as we work on the next UNCHARTED project. We will see what the future brings!" wrote Naughty Dog.

This is huge news. A port of the game along with the untitled Uncharted game coming to the PlayStation 4 would undoubtedly help the system gain traction in 2014. Plus, it would give the PlayStation 4 a proven critical and commercial exclusive game to counter games such as Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5, which are highly rated Xbox One exclusives.

In addition to this news, Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells spoke to IGN about the beginnings of the Uncharted series and revealed that, due to some British slang, the series almost had to find another name for the series before the first game's debut at E3 2006:

"We were all ready to go out with [Uncharted]...And then [former PlayStation Executive Vice-President and current Microsoft Corporate Vice-President] Phil Harrison caught wind of it, and he's like, 'no, we can't name it Uncharted.' In the UK, if you have a game that's 'uncharted,' that means it didn't do well, it didn't crack the Top 10. So he said, 'no, we can't do that.'"

In the end, the trailer was shown without a title attached, only for Harrison to change his mind and allow Naughty Dog to call the game Uncharted and become one of the most successful franchises on the PlayStation 3.

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