Updated 07:22 PM EST, Mon, Mar 08, 2021

Latino Conservatives Refuse To Support Donald Trump: 'If You are Not With Us Now, We Won't be With You Then'

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Conservative Hispanics vowed that they will not back Donald Trump and other candidates who have been making controversial remarks about the Latino community.

The coalition of Hispanic conservatives held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the rhetoric of some candidates, particularly Trump, that insult and discriminate the Latino populace, Politico reported. The meeting came before the third GOP debate on Wednesday night at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

"We'll be very clear; Trump is done. If Trump is the GOP nominee, he will not have our support. We will not work to elect him," Alfonso Aguilar, head of the American Principles Project's Latino Partnership, told POLITICO. "If Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, the Republican Party will lose the White House in the next election. So Trump is out; we've excommunicated him. He's done."

The APP's Latino Partnership describes itself as a movement supporting conservative Hispanic issues and candidates. Aguilar, who served as the director of the U.S. Office of Citizenship under former President George W. Bush, stressed out that they will be monitoring other political hopefuls who embrace Trump's sentiments about immigration, adding that they are "angry at the tone" of some candidates, the news outlet added.

Without directly mentioning Trump's name, former Treasury Secretary Rosario Marín swore at the press conference that they will not forget how candidates acted towards the Hispanic community.

"Foolishly, some candidates don't think they need the Hispanic vote in the primary. Heed our warning: Don't expect us to come to your side during the general election," Marin said, as quoted by Politico. "You are not with us now, we will not be with you then. You don't need our vote now, you won't have it then. You insult us now, we will be deaf to you then. You take us for granted now, we will not recognize you then."

The Hispanic group will meet again in Las Vegas before the Republican debate in December, Fox News Latino wrote. The coalition could denounce them if the candidates still refuse to respect the Latino community.

The Latino voting bloc has taken center stage in the 2016 election. Eligible Hispanic voters raised by an estimate of 3 million and 3.5 million voters every presidential election, Politico noted.

Latino Victory Project, a nonpartisan organization, praised the Hispanic coalition's movement, but President Cristóbal J. Alex said that the issue doesn't just concern Trump.

"Putting your field on notice is great, but if conservatives really want to be taken seriously by the Latino community, they have to go beyond doing the bare minimum to condemn inflammatory rhetoric and start holding candidates accountable even when it's not politically expedient," Alex said in a statement quoted by Politico.

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