Updated 01:46 AM EDT, Fri, May 14, 2021

PlayStation 4 News: Sony to Release Upgraded Console With Better Specs?

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Sony executive Masayasu Ito weighs in on the possibility of the company releasing a "high performance" PlayStation 4 console.

In an interview with Japanese outlet 4Gamer.net cited by the Digital Journal, the Sony Computer Entertainment senior vice-president revealed the company's plans about producing a "high performance" version of the popular gaming console.

According to Ito, Sony has yet to decide on the idea and noted that the real question is whether or not such enhancement would be beneficial for the console in the long run.

The Sony boss also explained that PS4's current x86 processor architecture which is similar to that used in conventional laptops and desktop computers already allow upgrades in the console's core hardware while maintaining compatibility with all existing games and apps designed for the device.

According to GamePur, what this means is that there is a "very slim" possibility that Sony would be engaging in such fruitless venture.

"This idea of releasing high performance looks pretty slim because it would be better for Sony release PlayStation 4 in around next five or six years rather than going for the upgrade version of PlayStation 4," the report explained.

On the other hand, Ito simply dodged the question, saying that he "can't talk about the specific content," based on a translated quote cited by the outlet.

"I think a performance boost might require a lot of timing when using something better than x86 architecture. So in other words, it is possible. For example, there are ideas such as releasing a standard PS4 and a high-performance PS4," he added.

When asked about an update for the PlayStation VR, he simply explained: "Prices and release date will be announced when it is time."

Meanwhile, one possible console enhancement that Ito seemed to react positively on is the inclusion of a 4K Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray support in the console.

Apparently, the gaming console does not support the 3-layer media used in Ultra HD Blu-ray, something the Sony boss revealed to be "under consideration" as of the moment.

"Current PS4 doesn't support Ultra HD Blu-ray, and Support is still under consideration," GamePur quoted him saying.

According to i4u.com, most developers believe that adding such feature can be done since "it is not hard to find a way."

However, i4u.com advises gamers who wish to have an Ultra HD Blu-ray support in their PS4 consoles to save up quite a sum of money since the feature requires very expensive 4K or UHD TVs to function properly.

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