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'Supergirl' CBS Trailer, Cast & Pilot: What's In Store for Kara Danvers This Season? [Spoilers]

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CBS' "Supergirl" takes off in a few days and the series' showrunners reveal some major spoilers particularly on Kara Danvers' foes.

A report from TV Line showed how Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist), a.k.a. "Supergirl," is not invincible despite her superhuman capabilities.

In fact, as its October 26 premiere nears, executive producers Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg revealed some major details about some of the villains she is set to face.

"We always have a traditional big bad for the season, the sort of uber villain who is setting the plan in motion," Kreisberg explained in an interview with Comic Book Resources.

The showrunner also noted that "Supergirl," like other TV shows, would have its fair share of weekly villains which would all be set up during the pilot episode.

According to Kreisberg, some of these villains are from Kara's home planet Krypton.

"The pilot sort of sets up the idea there was an alien prison from Krypton that crash landed on earth and all of the prisoners escaped. We're going to be meeting some of those alien villains," he revealed.

Of course, there are also bad Earthlings with out-of-this-world powers that Kara should deal with including Toyman and Livewire.

Berlanti expounded on Livewire whom he described as someone with electrical powers that can stop Supergirl's heart.

This means the show would not be delving so much in the "Kryptonite weakness" that the "Superman" stories have established in the comics.

Berlanti believes that having a single weakness is a "collective mistake," citing the comic books.

"On the old series, unless you had a rock of Kryptonite, it was pretty much lights out for the bad guy, and we certainly didn't want that. We always want to feel our hero is in jeopardy," he told CBR.

"In the comic books, especially other adaptations, like the 'Superman the Animated Series,' Superman himself can be hurt by a lot more than Kryptonite," he explained.

Kara Zor-El, who would be known as Kara Danvers on Earth, resides with her foster family in National City and is working as an assistant for media mogul Cat Grant.

A brief "Everything You Need to Know" report from the International Business Times cited an official synopsis for the show, describing how Kara kept her powers a secret for 12 years before embracing her un-Earthly abilities and become "the hero she was always meant to be."

The show is set to premiere on 26 October at 8:30 pm on CBS.

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