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‘Halo 5’ Xbox 1TB Special Edition Bundle $50 Discount, See Details Here!

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"Halo 5: Guardians" will come out in just couple of days. For gamers who want the full experience, Ebay is taking $50 off the Microsoft Xbox One "Halo 5" Limited Edition Console Bundle, reports IGN.

The Limited Edition Console Bundle now only costs $450. According to Ebay the package includes a 1TB console, which comes with a wireless controller, a standard chat headset, a high-speed HDMI cable and a power supply.

The Xbox One in the bundle will run on Windows 10. Gamers can connect their other Windows 10 devices to the Xbox One console.

Besides the 1 TB Xbox One console, the bundle also includes the game itself encased in a Spartan-themed Steelbook. The game is fully downloaded already, so you can instantly play it on the day it launches, which will be on October, 27, 2015.

The package also includes exclusive DLC, like the Warzone REQ Bundle, FOTUS-class armor and multiplayer emblem.

Fourteen Premium Requisition packs are included in the Warzone REQ Bundle. In Warzone Mode, gamers will experience "nonstop action," describes E-Bay.  It features 12 vs 12 player battle, in which both friendly and enemy AI drop in unexpected. To win a team must either be the first to score 1,000 points or destroy the other team.

Meanwhile in the Multiplayer Arena, your team's combat skills will be tested in a 4 vs 4 competitive match. This Multiplayer Arena is basically a battle of wits to see who can assert their dominance first.

Other perks are included with the Limited Edition package as well, like the "Halo: The Fall of Reach" animated series, a Guardian model made by Metal Earth, Spartan Locke's classified orders, dossiers on Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris and a 14-day Trial to Xbox Live Gold.

Meanwhile for gamers who already have the Limited Edition Bundle or have already pre-ordered the game, the entire 39-track collection for "Halo 5: Guardian" is availbe now on SoundCloud, reports Game Informer.

Additionally, standard versions of the track collection are can be pre-ordered on Amazon or iTunes for $15.99. Meanwhile, fans of the series can also buy a CD with an MP3 download code for $24.99.

On the other hand, at Hastings locations only, a clear vinyl version of the soundtrack is available for $24.99, which also comes with an MP3 download code. Take note, however, that there are only 1,000 copies.

There is also a more pricey collection at $49.99, for Halo fans who also happen to be music enthusiasts. The more expensive pack includes two CDs, two vinyl records, a 5.1 surround sound blu-ray version of the music, sheet music from the Abby Roads recording sessions and digitally distributed bonus tracks.

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