Updated 04:19 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 21, 2021

Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel Caught on Dashcam in an Altercation with Girlfriend Colleen Crowley [Watch]

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A dashcam video of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel's highway altercation with his girlfriend Colleen Crowley revealed that the latter got hysterical during the confrontation last week.

Daily Mail said that Crowley was "crying, whimpering, pleading and yelling" at the police officer, who pulled them over after Manziel's car was seen speeding along Interstate 90.

It added that the couple were seen by some witnesses arguing to the point that Crowley tossed Manziel's wallet out of the car prompting him to stop the vehicle to get it.

According to ABC7, a 911 caller reported the incident saying that Manziel was upset while driving his car at full speed.

"But now they're outside. She's distressed. He's upset. But they're not physically against each other right now," added the caller.

When questioned by the police, Daily Mail said Manziel's girlfriend spoke angrily to the authorities. Below are some of the exchanges shown on the footage.

Crowley: "We've been dating for over a year. He just freaked out on me on the way home and I'm not used to it."

 "F*** that girl"

"Where's my purse?"

"You can go f*** yourself too. I didn't do s***."

Meanwhile, KFOR noted that Manziel admitted that they had a few drinks downtown prior to the argument.

"We got into a little bit of 'hey, you want to hang out with him so you can see some other girl. This, this and this," the quarterback was heard saying on the dash cam video.

In an earlier post on his Twitter account, Manziel admitted their mistake tagged it as an "embarrassing" act.

"Colleen and I got into a dumb public argument on the way home Monday afternoon. It probably looked more interesting than it was and I know I would stop and check if I saw a couple arguing on the side of the road. It was embarrassing but not serious and when we talked to the police and they realized everything was alright and I was sober, we went home together and everything is fine," read Manziel's tweet.

Crowley also issued a statement on her Instagram account saying that things between her and Manziel are good.

"I appreciate the people who stopped to check on us and call the police, I could see how it may have looked. Anytime anyone sees a guy and a girl arguing on the side of the road they should definitely stop, you never know what that could be. Fortunately it was just an argument, it was private, and we are all good," she furthered.

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