Updated 05:49 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

'Frozen' Plane Unveiled by Canadian Airline WestJet

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If you think fans finally let go of Disney's 2013 animated hit, "Frozen", think again. The hype is far from over with a sequel in the works, and a themed plane unveiled.

Yes, there is a blue plane with Anna and Elsa painted on its body, and Olaf lounging in the sun. ABC News reported that Canadian Airline WestJet is the company to thank for this particular "Frozen" plane.

WestJet Executive Vice President Bob Cummings said in a press release, "This aircraft takes the relationship between WestJet and Disney to a completely new level of cool."

Marlie Morrison, managing director of the Walt Disney Company (Canada) Ltd., Parks & Resorts agreed, adding that "It's a truly unique and unforgettable design that Disney Fans and WestJet guests alike will enjoy for years to come."

According to the WestJet press release, the plane took 21 days of round-the-clock work to complete the custom paint job, with 170 gallons of paint used for the creation - which is blue with pictures of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on the outside, and an interior boasting of "Frozen" theme, with decals prominently displayed on headrests and overhead bins.

But what else do you need to know about the "Frozen"-themed plane?

According to Yahoo!, Disney artists were specifically brought in to paint the exterior, with the crew taking 21 days of 12-hour rotations just to get the look right. It is even painted in glitter so that it will look shimmery and magical up in the sky!

The plane is not all snow. In fact, there will be a change of seasons as the passenger moves up to the nose. WestJet explained the change, saying, "From the aircraft tail along the fuselage, the magic travels to warm the front of the aircraft where Olaf can be found enjoying a summer day on the beach. In the Disney film Frozen, Olaf dreams of going someplace warm, and now we'll be taking him to the sunshine with us."

The same is said for the inside of the plane. In the rear of the Boeing, the overhead bins and seat headrests have a snowy theme, but as the passenger moves up front, the decor becomes warmer.

The plane is not limited to an Orlando, Florida route, either. Yahoo! stated that it will have 737 routes in total, so travelers can really "let it go" without needing to go to Disney.

As magical as it looks, this isn't the first WestJet Plane with a Disney theme. ABC News noted that in 2013, the company had a "Magic Plane" which featured a Sorcerer Mickey Mouse.

What do you think of the "Frozen" themed aircraft? 

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