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Super Bowl 2014 Date and News: Which 2014 NFL Playoffs Teams Have the Best Looking Cheerleaders On Road to Super Bowl XLVIII?

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially entered Super Bowl season.

Yes, after four months of football, the road to Super Bowl XLVIII will kick off January 4 with a bang as 12 teams vie for the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy on the road to the big game at MetLife Stadium this February.

Big names like the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks have already stamped their tickets to the playoffs, meaning that the stars will be out this winter in full force. Names like Tom Brady. Peyton Manning. Colin Kaepernick. Drew Brees. Marshawn Lynch. Cam Newton. And that's just for starters.

The battles that are about to be waged on the gridiron for ultimate football supremacy will pit teams against each other on multiple levels. Who has the best quarterbacks? Who has the best running backs? Whose offense is greatest? Whose defense is superior? Who has the best looking cheerleaders?

Wait...say what?

Well, okay, admittedly, that last category won't likely tip the scales for anyone when it comes to stamping their tickets to the Big Show at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, February 2. But for red-blooded male football fans, watching the NFL's most heavenly bodies cheering their home teams on from the sidelines will make those blistering cold days seem red hot as a dozen NFL teams vie for the league's ultimate crown.

Cheerleading has come a long way since 1954, when the then-Baltimore Colts-who later moved to Indianapolis--became the first team in the NFL to debut a cheerleading squad, which was part of the team's marching band in a new cutting edge move to entertain fans. Since that time, 24 teams in the NFL today now have some of the most beautiful and talented women imaginable cheering on their teams at home.

The only NFL teams without an official cheerleading squad to this day are the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and New York Giants, though only three of those teams are in the playoffs or in playoff contention this season. (And no, that's not to say there's any correlation, but it is a funny coincidence, don't you think?)

So with the NFL Playoffs starting next weekend, which team's got the edge on the sidelines when it comes to the spirited stunners that keep the crowds in the game? Latino Post looks to answer that question:

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have powered their way to the top of the NFC this season with an impressive 12-3 record this season, and it's given their cheer squad, the Seattle Seagals (oh, yeah, like Seagulls, I see what you guys did there!) plenty to cheer about.

San Francisco 49ers

They call these girls the "Gold Rush," but with their sultry moves and looks, it's a sure bet that sports fans aren't in a rush to get out of their seats when they get a look at San Fran's finest. Stunning women and a winning team quarterbacked by Colin Kaepernick looking to make a return trip to the Super Bowl? Oh, yeah, life is good if you're a 49ers fan.

New England Patriots

The Tom Brady era for the Pats has accustomed New England crowds to the finer things in life. Brady is the Golden Boy of the NFL. His team is once again on top of the AFC East and a deep playoff favorite. And the New England Patriots cheerleaders include an assortment of some of the best-looking girls this side of Boston Harbor.

Miami Dolphins

South Beach is hot for a lot of reasons right now, and for once, it has nothing to do with the reigning NBA world champions the Miami Heat. The Dolphins are back in the playoff hunt and dreaming about an elusive Super Bowl appearance. But that's not the only thing that some Dolphins fans may be dreaming about when they go to home games, as the gaggle of gorgeous women on the sidelines give them a lot more to focus on than just who's getting hot on the field.

Dallas Cowboys

After all these years, the standards of what a professional cheerleader in sports should be are still the girls who cheer on America's Team. So popular and revered have been the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders that they have even garnered their own reality series, "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team" on CMT. Their iconic white tasseled vests and blue-knotted shirts have become part of the mainstream, and these dazzling beauties give Cowboys fans just another reason to hope for a Dallas victory against the Philadelphia Eagles in a do-or-die season finale game on Sunday that would send America's Team back to the playoffs, and with the NFC East crown to boot.

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