Updated 10:23 PM EST, Wed, Feb 26, 2020

Sponge Suit: New Bikini Actually Absorbs Sea Pollution, Details Here!

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Going to the beach is one of the best things during the summer season, but with water pollution being rampant, there are times when you notice the ocean is not as beautiful as it used to be.

But what if there's a new technology that won't cut into your beach time, yet will help clean up at least some of the pollution?

SpongeSuit aims to do just that. According to Ledger Gazette, the new technology, won first place in the Reshape 2015 wearable technology competition, which aims to merge innovative ideas with fabrication processes.

The design for the Spongesuit molds the material in the shape of a bikini with a net-lik cage made of 3D-printed elastomer which forms to the body. The research team said that the sponge, which is created from heated sucrose, is responsible for absorbing water pollutants.

This material, which developed four years ago, is designed to help clean up oil and chemical spills in the water. the water-repelling and highly porous material is light and flexible, and is said to absorb everything except water --- and up to 25 times its own weight.

Team head Mihri Ozkan said in a statement that "This is a super material that is not harmful to the environment and very cost-effective to produce. The form of the Sponge Suit is inspired by the super-porous, mesh-like structure of the Sponge material".

It also went on to say, "The Sponge itself is highly cost-efficient with the main precursor being sugar. Per gram cost of Sponge is roughly 15 cents, a reducible cost when achieving economies of scale."

However, C Net noted that the suit probably won't make too much of an impact in practical terms the effectiveness of the material is apparent, as per the demonstration of Ozkan and her husband, fellow electrical engineering professor Cengiz Ozkan, and their Ph.D students Daisy Patino and Hamed Bay.

The suit's outer layer is covered in pores, which will help trap contaminants at the same time ensure that nont of them will make contact with the skin. The pollutants are then released only when the material is heated at temperatures over 1,000 degrees C.

The Sponge is not limited for swimsuits, either. The team said that it can be made into bathing suits, mayokini, and swimming caps as well.

What do you think of this technology, do you think this is a good way to help make the oceans clean while you enjoy your days at the beach next summer?

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