Updated 07:36 PM EST, Wed, Nov 25, 2020

Male Brain Will Choose Sex Over Food, Says Scientific Study

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The old cliché said that a way through a man's heart is through his stomach but if a possible romance is around, the man will choose sex over the food. A research found that the male brain is wired with the strong desire to copulate more than filling one's hungry tummy.

The University College London conducted the study about C-elegans, a soil-living worm that grows to just 1mm long, according to Daily Mail. The study of these tiny, transparent worms revealed that men's brains have extra cell that makes them to look for sex.

These cells are said to have these powerful drive that makes men prioritize sexual intercourse more. Although the study centered on the worms, these creatures have a similar biology like humans.

Hence, the researchers' findings provided insights into the sex behavior of other animals, including people. In spite of its small size, it is the most studied living organism in the world.

The Britain newspaper added that the little creature comes into two sexes, male and hermaphrodite; it is a "modified female that does need to have sex to reproduce. The previous experiments showed that males have a pair of brain cells that are not present in the hermaphrodite's brains.

Because females don't have the same neurons, this just suggested that women are not prioritizing sex like men, it just comes secondary to the nutriments, Telegraph reported. The study just proved that male and female brains are created differently, which is a very controversial subject that has been argued by scientists and feminists since time immemorial.

"Though the work is carried out in a small worm, it nevertheless gives us a perspective that helps us appreciate and possibly understand the variety of human sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identification," Co-author Professor Scott Emmons, from the Departments of Genetics and Neuroscience at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, said.

"Although we have not looked in humans, it is plausible that the male human brain has types of neurons that the female brain doesn't and vice versa. This may change how the two sexes perceive the world and their behavioural priorities."

Daily Mail noted what the UCL researcher Dr Richard Poole has to say. "In the broader picture, it gets at this question of how do men and women think and behave differently. We always wonder, do we have different learning aptitudes or is it social, and in this case, it happens to be genetic," he said.

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