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NBA Rankings 2015: Kobe Bryant Dips No. 93

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NBA's once biggest star and Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant ranked at No. 93 on the 2015 NBA Rank conducted by ESPN.

The sports website said they asked a panel to vote on who will be the players expected to improve for the 2015-2016 season.

"To decide, voters had to consider both the quality and quantity of each player's contributions to his team's ability to win games," added the same report noting that a group of 100 respondents had to choose among 30,000 players.

On Wednesday, the Nos. 91-100 on the list were revealed putting the highlight on Bryant, who was at No. 93.

ESPN detailed that the player, who ranked No. 40 last year, was given a 43.0 score since he just played 41 games for the past two seasons.

"At this stage, he has turned into a parody of himself, with seemingly every field goal attempt coming 'against all odds' as Bryant dominates the ball during possessions and often shoots long jumpers against," added the same report.

SB Nation noted that this is a huge dip for Bryant from last year but said that the ranking does not anymore matter.

"Kobe could be ranked anywhere, by any site, and it wouldn't hold much weight either way until we actual get a chance to see him play," the same report added.

Bryant is believed to have received such low ranking because of the injuries he previously suffered.

In a similar report, Yahoo Sports said Bryant is now set to play his 20th season in the NBA, which it claimed is already a remarkable feat for an athlete.

It added that the Lakers star is expected to come with a fresh start after his season-ending injuries noting that he is still younger when Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards in 2001.

But Bryant did not want to have himself compared to Jordan saying in a USA Today report that their situation is not the same.

"This is uncharted territory. My 37 (years old) isn't MJ's 37 (when he returned after taking two seasons off to play for the Washington Wizards), you know what I mean? Nor is it the same team or the same system that he was playing in. It's much, much different. There's really no barometer, no (precedent) for training physically, for recovery. It's uncharted territory," he added.

Bryant also shared that he is still clueless on the plan of the Lakers to reach the championships.

"To win a championship, you first must start with a very small window and understand that how we put these pieces of the puzzle together, how we fit, what's our identity offensively and defensively? There are a lot of questions to be answered," he added.

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