Updated 01:53 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Salma Hayek Supports Hillary Clinton's 'Latinos for Hillary' Campaign; Announces Her Membership

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Salma Hayek has announced her support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her new campaign called "Latinos for Hillary."

In a campaign email for Clinton sent on Tuesday, the movie star wrote that the people should not allow "hate and discrimination" to determine the results of the 2016 election, Fox News Latino reported. Hayek, 49, also touched on the tough remarks of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump against immigrants since he announced his presidential candidacy.

"(It's incredible) that the leading candidate of the Republican Party has been irresponsibly campaigning, using unfounded and insulting accusations against the Latino community to win votes," she wrote, as quoted by a separate report from Fox News Latino.

The star of "The Prophet" thinks that Latinos are the "largest, youngest and fastest-growing" community in the U.S. and that it deserves a candidate "who respects the contributions we have made," the news outlet added. For Hayek, Clinton is the perfect fit.

"We owe it to the hard-working Latinos that came before us, to ourselves and to our children, to show the people who unfairly label us as criminals and speak down to us that our community is strong, meaningful and incredibly powerful," the Mexican actress noted, as quoted by Fox News Latino.

Clinton's "Latinos for Hillary" campaign was announced earlier this month. Events are set to roll out in the next several weeks in areas with large Hispanic populations, NBC News reported. The campaign aims to strengthen Clinton's standing in the Latino community and overall nationally.

According to CNN, Clinton will visit San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 15. The trip, which marks her first organizing event in the state, will highlight Latinas and the presidential candidate's personal stories. San Antonio is the hometown of Housing Secretary Julián Castro, who is regarded by many as Clinton's potential running mate.

Campaign spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa said that Clinton will also speak at the Congressional Hispanic Conference Institute's annual awards gala on Oct. 8, with a keynote from U.S. President Barack Obama, NBC News wrote.

Liberal hero Wendy Davis announced recently that she is endorsing Clinton at an Austin event, CNN added. Political strategist Lorena Chambers of Chambers Lopez Strategies LLC also praised Clinton's initiatives, NBC News noted.

Actress America Ferrera has not officially joined the "Latinos for Hillary" campaign, but voiced her support for the former Secretary of State when she announced her presidential bid in April.

Singer Marc Anthony also joined the Clinton campaign recently and even invited the Democratic hopeful on stage during his concert in Miami on Friday, Fox News Latino wrote. He tweeted: "This election is important for the future of the Latino community, our vote could make the difference @HillaryClinton."

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