Updated 06:43 AM EST, Tue, Jan 26, 2021

'Larrymania' Star Larry Hernandez Arrested in Ontario for Alleged Kidnapping & Assault

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Mexican regional singer Larry Hernandez was arrested at Ontario Airport in California and is currently being held without bail in a detention center.

Hernandez, 38, is facing charges of kidnapping, assault, and assault and battery causing injury, said Los Angeles airport police spokesman Rob Pendregon, Los Angeles Times reported.

The "Larrymania" star was scheduled to fly on Southwest Airlines from Ontario to Denver on Friday, Sept. 25, but was stopped and arrested at the gate at 2:39 PM, Billboard wrote. He is currently detained at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

According to La Opinion, the arrest was due to an incident in South Carolina where Hernandez held a concert on Aug. 16 at a Newberry skating rink. The reality star, who was angered over not being paid the promised amount for his performance, was accused of holding and beating the concert promoter. The latter eventually escaped and filed a report with police officials.

A report from WLTX said that just before 5AM back in August, "the two victims, one of whom was in charge of paying performers for the concert, went to a hotel where Hernandez and other members of his group were staying to pay Hernandez for his part of the ticket sales." The victims told police that they paid Hernandez $14,000, but he demanded a $30,000 payment and said that he will hold one of them until the other one comes back and pays him the desired price.

After the other victim left, Hernandez and two other men reportedly "wrapped the victim in clear plastic and began hitting him, then threw him into a brick wall," WLTX added. They also dragged the man inside their tour bus and continued on beating him up.

"Police say the men also forced the victim to put his arms around them as if they were friends as they took him up to one of their hotel rooms, where they continue to assault the victim," the news outlet further reported. Ultimately, the other man went back and paid the remaining sum. Afterwards, Hernandez and his companions left the victim in the hotel room and departed using the bus.

Hernandez didn't show up when he was sworn in by authorities for questioning, hence the arrest, Billboard added. However, on Sept. 4, Hernandez addressed the accusations and labeled them false.

"In this business, a lot of people want to damage your image," he said in an interview with Telemundo at the time, as quoted by Billboard. "That's what I'm living now [...] It's all lies and time will tell." Hernandez also said that he is a public figure and he is not hiding from the police.

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