Updated 06:37 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

Latinos Threatened To Be Sent 'Back To The F**king Border' [Watch]

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Donald Trump has been very vocal about sending illegal immigrants back to their home countries, but it seems that some people are taking his words to heart and already acting upon them -- surprisingly, in places like Passaic, New Jersey, where 70 percent of the residents are identified as Hispanic or Latino.

In a report by the Huffington Post, a community is calling for a police officer's dismissal, after a cellphone video showed him swearing at a Latino couple, threatening to sending them back to the "f**king border."

Sgt. Roy Bordamonte, an officer in Passaic, has been heard cursing and shouting at Jazmin Vidal and her boyfriend as they sat on their porch.

Vidal told NBC New York that the officer drove up and started talking to her and her boyfriend, but quickly raged at them when they asked him to step out of his vehicle, as they couldn't hear them properly from their porch.

The footage was trained on Vidal, but Bordamonte's voice can be heard in the background. The officer was heard saying, "You go to school? What school? What are you, f**king special ed? You f**king idiot. You might be an idiot because you mouthed off. That's why you're going to get this ticket."

He then went on to threatening Vidal's boyfriend's family, telling him, "I'm going to knock on your door and I'm going to check your mom and dad's ID, and all your f***ing cousins, and when they give me that bullsh*t fucking name, I'm gonna have immigration pick everybody up so they can go back to the f***ing border in Puebla or where the f*** they came from and all that work... They came to America, you f***ed it up."

Abusing position and power is reportedly common in Passaic, and hundreds of people rallied outside the City Hall Tuesday night, demanding for the officer to be fired from the force.

Organizer Diomedes Minaya said that Bordamonte is already known for giving meaningless citations. Minaya shared with The Record, "People get stopped on the street for nothing. The police are abusing their power."

Bordamonte was head of the department's bias crimes unit -- the department which investigates racially-motivated crimes. However, after the video made rounds on the internet, he has been removed from his post, although he still remains in charge of the "Quality of Life" unit and will remain on desk duty until further notice.

A petition that has already gathered thousands of signatures has now been put up online to remove Bordamonte from his post.

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