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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes News: Finding Collectibles Hidden Within Game

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes represents the pinnacle of the LEGO video game series, and fans both of the legendary plastic bricks and the Marvel comic universe should consider picking up the game.

A hallmark for the series is the ability to collect a huge amount of extras and secrets, and to help those looking for each and every collectible in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes here is a quick guide for the collectibles found throughout the game.

Minikits are found throughout each level, and most of these collectibles must be collected in Free Play mode. There are ten minikits found in each level, which means that there are 150 scattered through the whole game. Another collectible that will require players to go into Free Play mode to find them all is Stan Lee in Peril. These collectibles charge players with finding the creator of many of the most famous characters in the Marvel universe. There are fifty total Stan Lee in Peril moments in the game. There is one in each level of the game along with one in each side mission in the game. An addition 24 Stan Lee in Peril moments are scattered throughout Manhattan. However, these 24 Stan Lee in Peril locations do not open up until after the Juggernaut and Crosses level and talk to Stan the Man himself at the Marvel Headquarters.

The Stan Lee in Peril collectibles will also give players another collectible, Gold Bricks. There are 250 Gold Bricks in total in the game, and many can be found in the main story and side quests in the game. The additional Gold Bricks can be found by completing tasks such as the Stan Lee in Peril collectibles, completing quests and races, and exploring the open world segment of the game.

Deadpool Bricks are some of the most interesting collectibles in the game, as they change the way the game is played. Eleven Deadpool Bricks are found in side quests for the game, and then can be purchased from Deadpool in his room in the SHIELD Helicarrier.

Finally, there are a huge amount of Character and Vehicle Tokens in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes that can be found both in the story and Free Play modes of the game. There are 156 total Character Tokens that unlock new characters and skins in the game. There are 28 Vehicle Tokens found throughout Manhattan, and these allow users to play around with some of the iconic vehicles that super heroes and villains.

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