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Pope Francis Praises Mission Houses in Cuba, Calls Them 'Small Signs' of God's Presence

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The highest leader of the Catholic Church visited Cuba on Monday and commended mission houses on the country for their work despite the shortage of priests and churches.

"I know that with effort and sacrifice the Church in Cuba is working to bring to everyone, even in the most remote locations, the word and the presence of Christ," Pope Francis said during his homily at the city Santiago de Cuba. 

Fox News Latino noted that there are only 80 churches and 37 clergymen in the island of Holguin which population has swelled to more than 1.6 million.

It added that the private mission houses started in the 1970s and began multiplying to reach 2,600 today.

"These are sites where such rituals as baptisms are performed, where communities undertake various types of activities and where there are regular celebrations," added Fox News Latino.

These mission houses are also reportedly considered a strength of the church in Cuba.

Pope Francis added that these religious institutions allowed people to still have a relationship with God.

"Deserving special mention are the so-called mission houses, which -- given the scarcity of churches and priests -- allow so many people to be able to have a space for prayer, to hear the Word, the catechism and the life of the community," added the Pontiff.

The Pope also tagged these mission houses as "small signs of the presence of God in our neighborhoods."

A similar Huffington Post report highlighted that not only the Pope's ancestry appeal to the Hispanics but also his compassion to other people.

"He's bringing a beautiful message of peace. He's an example of unity," said 47-year-old Jackie Cruz, a Dominican native of South Williamsburg.

For evangelical Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, Pope Francis is also someone who will lift up the morale of the Latino community after immigration issue tirades especially from business mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"Thank God the Pope is coming because the Pope is going to rebuke the living daylights out of Donald Trump. He won't do it explicitly, by name, but I am almost certain that he will speak about the image of God in every human being and the dignity of immigrants, that immigrants are a blessing and not a curse," Rodriguez told the Huffington Post.

Aside from these highlights, the Pontiff also told Cubans that they should be willing be willing to "to slowly overcome our preconceptions and our reluctance to think that others, much less ourselves, can change," according to Yahoo Sports.

"Do you believe it is possible that a tax collector can be a servant?Do you believe it is possible that a traitor can become a friend?" the Pope asked.

He also encouraged Cubans to dream big in life and not be "boxed" by what other people think about them.

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