Updated 05:59 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Kylie Jenner Gets Attacked at Chris Brown Concert by Excited Fan [Watch]

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It's a big bad world out there for the Kardashian-Jenner clan and it looks like a Chris Brown concert is not a safe place for them to go wandering about. US Magazine reported that last Friday, 18-year-old Kylie Jenner was attacked by an overzealous fan at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

In a video caught by TMZ, Tyga's recently-legal girlfriend was seen trying to make her way out of the event when a fan reached out and grabbed her dyed hair. Tightly, it seemed, as Kylie was seen grimacing when her head snapped back from the force. However, the ever-present bodyguards came to her rescue as they quickly stepped in to usher her out of the venue.

Jenner's bodyguards are swift in their duties, but last week at the NYFW, actress Jessica Alba was not feeling their love, complaining of getting jostled by them. She told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" last week, "I was just really shocked. I got bodychecked!" 

"And it was like two of them. I thought there was a fire. I guess someone was just leaving the building. Yeah, I don't know, it was just real shocking," Jessica Alba went on.

The day after the assault, The Daily Mail reported that Jenner's hair was back to its natural black as she headed for a workout in Calabasas, although probably still in recovery from the shock of the previous night's painful tug, as she was seen with a baseball cap on her head and her face hidden behind dark glasses.

However, now that she's 18 and legal, it looks like Kylie is pissing off members of the clan one by one.

First, there were rumors of Kim Kardashian taking her to court so that she can get some of little sis's earnings, as the younger girl has been mimicking Kanye's wife's personal style. "Kim is fed up with how much Kylie is making by mimicking her. She says she's entitled to at least 30 percent of those earnings. She's had her attorney draft papers. Kylie is essentially using her likeness without her permission - so Kim has no problem suing her," a source said.

Yes, that sounded ridiculous to Kylie as well, who maintained that she doesn't believe her sister will take it to court for real.

Then, at the midseason premiere of KUWTK, The Hollywood Life recapped that Kourtney was all rage, calling Kylie a b***h when she refused to respond to her texts. "You could at least write back," she told momanager Kris.

At this rate, the 18-year-old should watch her back, next time, it might be one of her family to pull her hair.

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