Updated 12:48 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

Hillary Clinton Sits Down With Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump!

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Jimmy Fallon is always good for a few laughs and last night, he came on his show as Republican candidate Donald Trump, with none other than Trump's biggest competition in the Presidential race -- Hillary Clinton.

According to CNN, Clinton came to Rockefeller Center in New York last Wednesday for a short, scripted segment with Fallon, who was sporting Trump's iconic blonde hair and using a gold phone as he pretended to call her after the CNN debate.

Fallon as Trump told Clinton, "I haven't seen you since my last wedding," to which the former secretary of state responded, "I am sure I will see you at the next one."

CNN noted that the Fallon interview was another one of Clinton's attempt at softening her image: by giving interviews in Entertainment shows and settings. She also recently had a sit-down with Ellen Degeneres and Mario Lopez from "Extra". Entertainment Weekly noted that by deciding to do "The Tonight Show", which is usually filled with fun and games from the non-agressive Fallon, the Democratic candidate was able to show a more casual, relatable side of herself.

Fallon is no stranger to hosting big names like Trump and Clinton, but he noted on Billboard that he plays fair regardless of whoever it is that comes on his show. Fallon shared with the magazine, "I make fun of everyone. That's my job. When it comes to the show, I don't have a dog in the fight. If they want to come on, my job is to make them look good, no matter who it is."

But like any other person in America, Fallon has his own opinion about Trump's aim for the Oval Office, noting how interesting how the real-estate mogul's story is becoming. Fallon said, "We should be paying him." He went on, "But it's interesting. He was a punchline six months ago, but something has happened -- the audience has shifted. They don't laugh at him like that anymore, so we have to find a different way for them to laugh at him.

The host further explained, "It's like, six months ago a joke about Hillary [Clinton] moving furniture into the Oval Office would have been a slam-dunk. Now they're not too sure -- it's not guaranteed that she's going to the White House anymore. It's interesting how jokes shift."

Check out Hillary Clinton's stint with Jimmy Fallon below:

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