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'WWE 2K16' PS4 Xbox One Release Date: Complete Roster, Problems & NXT Gameplay Trailer

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Before its release next month, "WWE 2K16" has slowly unveiled its more than 200 wrestlers who will be part of the upcoming game.

Now, it has almost revealed most of them including wrestling stars Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker, as per TechTimes. It also included a full list of these fighters which was headlined by some new wrestlers like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, John Cena and Kane.

IGN earlier reported that the upcoming game release will enable video gamers to play smarter.

"WWE 2K16 adds extra layers of nuance that might seem small, but they actually invite players to wrestle smarter, and make better strategic decisions," IGN explained.

It also said that the game promises more real plays compared to earlier installments.

"WWE 2K16 plays more like an actual wrestling match looks, and that it engages me in ways wrestling games typically haven't," reported Vincent Ingenito of IGN.

However, WhatCulture said that game developers highlighted common problems of the game franchise keeping many wrestlers back for DLC just like in past releases.

"Again, it's business, the mobile game industry has proven just how profitable segmenting your game into a million and one different packages can be, and as the 2K games aren't shy of packaging in content as DLC later down the line, that'll almost definitely be the case yet again," explained the same report.

It also highlighted that yearly releases of the game "kill innovation on current-gen consoles."

WhatCulture noted that the treatment of WWE as "just another sports title" gives a ton of disservice to the fans and gamers.

"Wrestling fans are not UFC fans, nor are we football, hockey or any other 'type' of fan. We notice every costume change, every small animation that's motion captured or hand-animated, every slight change in entrance - everything," it added noting that hardware changes are also very much needed.

In a similar development, a separate TechTimes report said that the WWE 2K team has released on Tuesday a 3-minute video footage and match highlight of NXT fighters Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami.

"Hideo Itami will not be denied his shot at greatness," a NXT commentator was quoted as saying.

The same report mentioned that Itami then dropped Breeze on his back but the latter was able to give a quick answer to this move by "trapping his opponent in a modified sharpshooter by the bottom ropes of the ring."

Scheduled for released on October 27, "WWE 2K16" is still currently being developed for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Players can, however, preorder the game online for $59.99.

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