Updated 05:39 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Sony's PlayStation VR vs. Microsoft's HoloLens: Which Virtual Reality Headset is the Best Buy?

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Many are wondering how Microsoft's HoloLens technology will stack up against the PlayStation VR since Sony's announcement.

The Asian tech company recently shared some new information about the PlayStation VR, previously known as "Project Morpheus." According to the Tech Insider, the virtual headset needs to be connected to a PS console in order to work. The devices' connection interface relies on HDMI and USB cables.

According to the Ecumenical News, Sony's VR headset is specifically geared towards gaming, and the company is working really hard to ensure that there will be a variety of titles compatible with the device.  

In fact, Andrew House, head of Sony's PlayStation, division recently told Bloomberg Business that at least 10 new games will be released with the PlayStation VR. The tentative launch date for the headset is early 2016.  

Reportedly, the games will range from piloting a massive mech suit to an upcoming installment in the "Final Fantasy" series. Ecumenical News speculates that the Sony VR device might have something to do with the release of the MMORPG, "Final Fantasy XIV."

On the other hand there is Microsoft's HoloLens, speculated to come out by July 2016, reports It Pro. Unlike the PS VR, the HoloLens is wireless, making it easier to use, as noted by the official Microsoft website.

The HoloLens was made for multiple functions, not just gaming. Microsoft has been working on apps to go along with the headset including the Holo Studio.  

Similar to Tony Stark's Jarvis application, the Holo studio will allow users to control projects in three-dimensional format. Even though the device is not marketed specifically towards gamers, Microsoft is still working on a couple game releases for the headset with Xbox. 

In terms of price, the PlayStation VR may cost less, since it is expected to cost around the same as a new gaming platform. Sony's VR is estimated to cost around $400.

Meanwhile, the HoloLens is expected to cost more than a gaming platform, at around $500 to $1500, reports the New York Times. The HoloLens cost more presumably because it has more functions, if we are to stand by recent information.

So, which virtual headset will be the best buy? The PlayStation VR is specifically geared towards gaming, so it stands to reason that it will be better equipped for gaming purposes.

Sony's VR device is not wireless like the HoloLens, which may restrict gamers' movements in the virtual world. On the other hand, the HoloLens may best serve its purpose for uses other than gaming, but until consumer versions roll out, the best we can do is anticipate.

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