Updated 06:31 PM EDT, Tue, May 11, 2021

'Frozen 2' Movie Release Date & Plot Theories: Is Elsa Dying?

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Kids and kids-at-heart alike are looking forward to the release of the sequel to Disney's 2013 hit animation, "Frozen". However, would they still feel the same considering that there have been reports of a major character's demise?

According to Youth Health Magazine, there have been hints of Queen Elsa's untimely death in the sequel. Tim Robey of The Telegraph shared, "Paddy Power is offering odds of 3/1 that Elsa's end will come, which are pretty strong, but also open to a technicality. If she does bite the icy mountain dust, it would likely happen in the style of Anna in the first film, ie: grave threat coupled with a heartwarming last minute reprieve thanks to the love between two sisters."

However, the news at this point is mere speculation, and it looks like that's going to continue for now, as "Frozen 2" is not exactly Disney's top priority at the moment.

Here are other rumors surrounding Anna and Elsa's upcoming adventure:

1) Jobs N Hire noted that several sources mentioned the possibility of the sequel focusing on the origin of Elsa's powers, something that her sister does not have. This in turn hints of the possibility of Elsa being the villain in "Frozen 2".

2) With Elsa being the only young Disney royal not to have a partner in the original film, Venture Capital Post also noted the possibility of the Queen of Arendelle being lesbian, or at least, have her sexual orientation explored in the sequel.

3) Chris Buck, who directed "Frozen" as well as "Tarzan" echoed the fans' sentiments of Arendelle having a connection with the African-set 2D film. In this theory, the king and queen did not die in the shipwreck but managed to escape with the help of a lifeboat that drifted to what is assumed to be the African shores. That in mind, a "Tarzan" crossover could be in the works.

However, all these things are considered hearsay until further notice from Disney. What has been confirmed however, is the return of the principal characters, including Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa and Kristen Bell as Princess Anna, as reported by Hollywood.com.

As for the release date, there have been rumors that it will not come out until 2018, and late in the year, at that. If it follows the release of its original animated film, "Frozen 2" can be expected around November or December.

What do you think of these rumors so far, do you think Elsa's death is a possibility?

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