Updated 02:47 AM EDT, Sat, Sep 25, 2021

iPhone 6S Plus Already Sold Out? Reported Reason Not Very Impressive

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After a painstakingly long wait for its arrival, recent reports revealed that Apple's new iPhone 6S Plus is now sold out for reasons no one would expect and like.

According to BGR, all pink-colored iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus released during Apple's big September event have already been sold out which some may assume to be a sign that the company is regaining its popularity among smartphone users enough to beat their 2014 opening weekend record.

This, however, is far from what really is happening as of the production of the devices' current state.

Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities revealed that the company is actually experiencing a shortage of an iPhone 6s Plus component that led to the out-of-stock status of the 5.5-inch Apple device.

Kuo told Mac Rumors that Minebea, Apple's supplier of the backlight module, is experiencing some difficulties in manufacturing the critical component for the phablet which forced the Cupertino-based company to order additional supplies from Radiant, an alternative supplier.

"We believe Minebea's (JP) backlight module production issues in supplying iPhone 6S Plus (6S Plus) is one of the main factors in the model's supply shortage," Kuo explained to the outlet, adding the bit about transferring orders to Radiant.

Furthermore, the KGI Securities analyst noted how the company would be increasing its orders for the iPhone 6S Plus component because of the unexpected height of demand for the device.

"To accelerate availability, we believe Apple has been transferring substantial 6S Plus backlight module orders to Radiant. As such, we estimate the company's iPhone 6S Plus backlight module orders to increase by 70-80% to 4-5mn units in September, boosting its order allocation from 35-45% to 70-80%," he stated.

Kuo also explained that based on this data, Apple would be able to have about 1.5 million to 2 million units of iPhone 6s Plus on hand by September 25, the expected date that the phablet and its sister would hit the shelves.

Despite this, the Apple Store is still accepting pre-orders of both devices which would still require waiting in a virtual line as the smartphones the company has released continue to bedazzle iPhone fans.

Meanwhile, Apple released a statement to the media explaining that the company's pre-orders for the new generation of iPhones are "on pace to beat" the record they have set during last year's release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that earned a staggering $10 million during its weekend launch in September alone.

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