Updated 08:33 AM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Ex-Denver DJ Sues Taylor Swift For Accusing Him of Inapproriate Contact

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Taylor Swift now faces a lawsuit filed by a former radio host in Denver after the singer allegedly falsely accused him of inappropriate contact more than two years ago.

Last week, the Denver Post reported how former disc jockey and radio host David Mueller has officially finished the paper works to sue the singer for falsely accusing him that inadvertently led to him losing his job and being banned from attending any of the songstress' concerts.

Known to his listeners as "Jackson," Mueller claimed that the singer's allegations of groping her bottom during their encounter in his then-part time job at the 98.5 KYGO in June 2, 2013 were untrue.

Back then, Mueller was tasked to attend a 'meet and greet' session with Swift after her concert at the Pepsi Center that would be aired in the radio station's "Ryno and Jackson" morning program.

According to Mueller's official statement in the lawsuit, they were meeting the singer for the first time back stage when, after some small talk, the singer "announced that it was picture time."

The documents he filed also claims that the "Blank Space" singer "quickly put her right arm" around the former DJ's girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, who was a fan of the singer and asked to join him during the session.

"At the last second," Mueller reportedly jumped in on the photo session to have himself included in the picture, then the singer allegedly thanked the couple cordially and left.

Mueller and his girlfriend then proceeded to meet a co-worker and "excitedly told him about his experience meeting Ms. Swift earlier that night."

After that, the lawsuit claims that the couple was approached by some of Swift's security personnel who accused him of inappropriately touching the singer and escorted him out of the area.

Then, on June 4 of that year, Mueller lost his job.

According to a statement from Swift's camp as cited by Variety, Mueller's boss was provided with enough evidence of the incident that caused him his employment.

However, the former DJ strongly denies such allegations.

"Mueller steadfastly maintains that no inappropriate contact of any kind occurred between him and Ms. Swift," the lawsuit document declares.

Aside from his radio gig, the lawsuit also claims that Mueller had lost other opportunities as well including jobs and business-related ones that contributed to his earnings of no less than his $150,000 base salary.

His job at the Denver-based radio station 98.5 KYGO also provided him with extra incomes such as performance bonuses, public appearance fees and product endorsement fees.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift or her representatives have yet to make further statements about this matter.

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