Updated 05:15 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Nick Young Meltdown: Backup, Chopper Needed?

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Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young went out of control outside a restaurant on Saturday night even prompting the police to call for a helicopter backup.

In a video posted by TMZ, Swaggy P was seen talking loudly to one of his buddies saying "It's everywhere we go, bro. It's everywhere we go," then tossed a water bottle at him.

The same report said this happened outside of Dave & Buster's in Los Angeles where an altercation happened between Young's group and another set of individuals.

"It's unclear what triggered the fight, but it sent Swaggy into a RAGE. The video shows Young ripping into his buddy, accusing him of instigating the drama," added TMZ.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) reportedly showed up on the scene then even called for a copper backup, but there were no recorded arrests after the incident.

Meanwhile, an LAPD spokesperson Mike Lopez told US Magazine that they were not aware that it was the Lakers star who was involved in the incident though it was confirmed that authorities indeed "responded to a disturbance."

"We responded to a disturbance. Upon our arrival, officers requested additional units to respond because of the large group," Lopez added with TheWrap.

The same report mentioned that the additional response of the police included an LAPD helicopter "which hovered overhead until tensions eased."

"Additional officers were requested and helicopters showed up as well. But nobody was arrested, nobody was detained," the spokesperson added in the US Magazine report.

DesignTrend mentioned that a photo of Swaggy P and his buddies with the caption "Squad!!!" was earlier posted on his Instagram account but were deleted as of this posting.

Young is engaged to Australian pop star Iggy Azalea and he recently expressed interest in playing for the Boomers, the Australian basketball team for the 2016 Rio Olympics. He reportedly made an inquiry to play for the team.

"It was to let us know that he was interested," a spokesperson for Basketball Australia told Fox Sports.

But he claimed that this is not possible in the short term since Young is not an Australian citizen.

"But our subsequent investigation with immigration discovered that you don't just get married and become a citizen, you become a permanent resident and you need to be a permanent resident for three years before you can apply for citizenship. It's not a possibility for real," the spokesperson added.

He also said that the might be considered in the future since he is a good basketball player who can contribute a lot for the national team.

"I'm sure we'd be keen to consider him, but that's a long way in the future and that would be a matter for Andrej Lemanis as head coach to determine whether he thought he was a good fit for the team. He's a high calibre player so with his talent it would always be a possibility, but that's way into the future," added Basketball Australia spokesperson in the Fox Sports report.

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