Updated 09:14 AM EST, Wed, Dec 01, 2021

Apple iOS 9 & OS X El Capitan Release Date Schedule: Update Size, Features & Everything You Need to Know

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Apple's big San Francisco event has already concluded with the launch of new iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs as more revelations involving the company's new operating systems are coming.

On September 9, Apple has officially revealed their highly anticipated devices including the iPad Pro, the new Apple TV and a pair of iPhone 6S handsets that left consumers drooling for more.

During the event, the Cupertino-based company also revealed the official release date for another much-awaited product: the iOS 9.

According to the ZDNet, the operating system will be gradually rolled out for iPhone 4s by September 16, which would be followed by the iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad 2 and the iPad Minis.

Back in June, the iOS 9 was unveiled during the company's annual WWDC followed by gradual updates sent out via its public beta scheme.

While its final update dubbed as the "Golden Master" was already rolled out on Wednesday, its official release has been set one week after.

According to The Verge, the iOS 9 promises to make iPhones users' experience better with a "smarter, faster and more efficient" operating system.

It also supports the new iPad's multitasking mode that lets users run two apps simultaneously and side-by-side similar to features boasted by Microsoft's Surface and Samsung's Galaxy tablets.

Aside from that, the company also upgraded Siri with a new feature nicknamed "Proactive" which offers user suggestions based on context from one's location, habits, or the time of day.

One other great thing about the iOS 9 is that it only requires 1.8GB worth of free space for successful installation-a significant improvement from the iOS 8's required free memory that is twice as big.

While it may be the next big thing for Apple mobile device users, the company's personal computer users are now waiting for the release of the OS X El Capitan.

Engadget revealed that the new desktop OS has been approved for launch by the end of September.

The outlet describes this update as "an update within an update" because it was named after a landmark inside of its predecessor, the Yosemite OS.

Furthermore, El Capitan promises minimal but useful tweaks including a split-screen view, alterations to app and email management, more options for Notes such as drag-and-drop, and updates to the Apple browser Safari as well as Maps.

"There simply is no killer feature this time around. But as minor as some of them may seem, they're all at the very least nice to have, and in many cases genuinely useful," the outlet said in a review.

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