Updated 08:46 PM EST, Wed, Dec 08, 2021

Is This Apple's New iPad Pro Tablet?

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Apple's much-awaited big day comes in a few hours as iPad lovers are promised to experience the new iPad Pro's 12.9-inch "Monster Screen."

According to Gotta Be Mobile, the iPad Pro is expected to be released alongside Apple's highly anticipated gadgets including the iPhone 6c, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the Apple TV 4.

The outlet revealed that while there are rumors that claims a later release date for the iPad Pro, it is still highly probable that the company would extend its keynote "a bit" to accommodate the release of all devices expected for unveiling in this big event.

With that said, it is undeniable that many users are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the actual thing, with a couple of tech news outlets unveiling a full specification of the new, bigger iPad Pro ahead of the launch.

On September 7, the tech news outlet 9to5Mac has revealed an entire set of specifications of highly anticipated giant tablet from Apple.

According to the report, the new iPad Pro is manufactured to suit viewing way better than any other iPads the company has released with its bigger screen pegged at 12.9 inches.

This, says 9to5Mac, would be perfect for the rumored landscape split screen feature in the device, which was dubbed as the "Monster Screen."

"To give it truly 'Pro' capabilities, the iPad Pro's landscape split-screen mode will be bolstered to allow two full-sized portrait iPad apps to be displayed," the report explained.

The outlet further explained that the iPad Pro would allow two Apple applications to be shown in full unlike in the split-screen feature in the iPad Air 2 which condenses portrait iPad applications to fit its display.

According to the outlet, the difference is not only the size of the devices' screens but also its processors: the iPad Pro running with the more powerful A9X chip while the iPad Air 2 is powered by an A8X.

Aside from that, the new iPad Pro is expected to have better sound quality with its four stereo speakers, though the device would only have a single Lightning port located at the bottom portion of the tablet.

And because current usage of memory is also expanding, the iPad Pro is also expected to start at a higher storage capacity pegged at 64GB.

This, says 9to5Mac, is a significant increase compared to the iPad Air and iPad mini lines' 16GB minimum internal memory.

In terms of its look, the iPad Pro would have a variation of three basic colors: silver, gold and space gray.

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