Updated 09:14 AM EST, Tue, Mar 02, 2021

NFL's First Female Coach Jen Welter Criticized for Accepting Floyd Mayweather's Fight Night Invite

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First NFL female coach Jen Welter has come under fire for accepting a fight night invitation of undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is known for his domestic violence issues.

A TMZ report dished that Mayweather reached out to Welter to offer her a pair of ringside seats which she reportedly accepted then praised the boxer on social media.

In a tweet, the coach who was an intern for the Arizona Cardinals explained her decision to agree to watch Mayweather's Sept 12 bout versus Andre Berto at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.

"I have not yet met @FloydMayweather personally. I consider it a step in the right direction that he reached out to a strong educated woman," the coach said.

It was also noted in the TMZ report that Mayweather has even has upgraded his request to Welter.

"The relationship has continued to blossom -- with Mayweather asking Welter to walk with his entourage on his way into the ring on Sept 12. We're told Welter is excited ... and considers the whole thing an honor," added TMZ.

Yahoo Sports said this entourage thing for Mayweather has been done by some big names like Justin Bieber, Triple H and Lil Wayne.

But it noted that Welter's case is different since the boxer is being criticised for battery and his former partners like Josie Harris whom he publicly hit.

To answer the questions of netizens, Welter reportedly claimed that her acceptance of the invitation "should be seen as her raising awareness for domestic violence rather than supporting it," reported Yahoo Sports.

Welter also told USA Today that Mayweather's invitation could mean that he wants to talk to a strong woman and could signal a change for him.

"I am very anti-domestic violence, and the spotlight that is shown on domestic violence through sports creates a possibility where we can say, 'No this isn't ok and we can change it.' Me accepting this ticket does not mean I support his past, but hopefully it is a way to be an instrument for change in the future," Welter explained.

She added that she is pretty sure that she will not be able to do anything good with "rejecting what seems to be an olive branch."

Welter also said that she requested to personally speak with the champion for her to be able to convey her story.

"Some people don't see it this way, but in my mind, knowing that this has been his history and something people continually criticize him for, for him to reach out to me, of all people. A woman who made it in men's professional football, with NFL guys and the NFL has been dealing with some of these problems in terms of DV and was someone who was able to reach out to them, work with them and earn their trust," Welter noted.

Will Mayweather make good use of this chance given by the first female NFL coach? That is something to watch out for on Sept 12.

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