Updated 12:39 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer, Spoilers & Release Date: New Toys Revealed

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It's starting to feel like Christmas! Other than the movie's actual premiere in December, this is the day that most Star Wars fans are looking forward to the most, because... toys.

Part of the fun of being a fan is buying the collectibles that you can amass. For the Star Wars fandom, good news: the first few toys from "The Force Awakens" has just been revealed and they include some of the major ones like the Jedi Master Lightsaber and the X-Wing.

According to ABC News, the global unboxings began at 5:45 PM EST and the lightsaber was the first to be revealed live from Sydney, Australia. The three children who were lucky enough to unveil the toy found that included several attachments, including multiple colors of the Lightsaber, which can be built with classic colors such as blue and green.

The next unboxing was held in Los Angeles, where the hosts got a first look at the black X-Wing Fighter toy from Hasbro. The X-Wing, driven by Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron, is an iconic fighter from way back in the first film in 1977 and is the same one that took down the Death Star. The very detailed toy came with Poe and an attachable helmet. T even comes with Poe's BB-8, which helps him pilot the craft.

Speaking of the BB-8, if you want a standalone version, you can have that as well, as Mattel designed a die-cast Hot Wheels version with more tires, but equally adorable.

And then there are the heroes. As USA Today noted, last generation's Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia are replaced by new characters -- Rey, Finn and Poe, and their action figures arrived at Toys R Us.

Rey, the female resident of desert planet Jakku shows a girl in tattered clothes to reflect her life as a scavenger. She also has a role-play ensemble from the Disney Store with a tunic, detached sleeves and even little goggles.

Finn is clad in Stormtrooper gear in the film, but his 6-inch figure, he comes with a cool jacket a la Han Solo and toting a blaster. As actor John Boyega tweeted, "Finn is a man of variety," proven by his cool toy version.

Poe is the resident flyer and is a member of the Resistance. His action figure is a looming 18-inch piece and a good addition to any toy collection.

More toys will be unveiled over the next few hours in cities all over the world, including Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Mexico, and Berlin. Check out for updates here.

Which "Star Wars" toy will you most likely purchase?

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