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Coca-Cola on Hispanic Heritage Month: #OrgullosoDeSer Campaign Celebrates Family, Culture & Community

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Coca-Cola created a film celebrating the Hispanic population and the Hispanic Heritage Month.

Through the "Orgulloso De Ser" film, Coca-Cola recognizes "the power of family, culture and community by bringing people together in celebration of their heritage and unique family stories" shared by the project's participants, Business Wire reported.

In the video, participants proudly shared love and unity for their culture by applying a temporary tattoo of their last name via the special Coca-Cola Heritage Tattoo Can, Business Wire added.

"At Coca-Cola we have been a part of so many of the important moments in Hispanic families' lives, and we want to continue making new memories with them," said Lauventria Robinson, vice president of Multicultural Center of Excellence, Coca-Cola North America, as quoted by the news outlet. "During Hispanic Heritage Month, we are celebrating the immense pride Latinos have for their culture and heritage, a pride that translates most significantly into their family names, which they carry with honor and joy."

Using the hashtag #OrgullosoDeSer #[InsertLastName] using social media platforms, people can join the campaign by sharing special family moments, as well as their pride of being part of the Latino community, Business Wire noted.

Families can check out the campaign's site to purchase a "Share a Coke" contour bottle personalized with their last names to make their pride and passion for their heritage known to the world.

Coca-Cola Funds Front Groups to Confuse Consumers About Soda's Dangers

The New York Times recently revealed that Coca-Cola has funded a front group called the Global Energy Balance Network to divert the public's attention away from the growing evidence that soda is the major cause of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, Mercola.com reported.

According to the report, Coca-Cola is in support of a new "science-based" solution to obesity, which is to maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise, and be less concerned about cutting calories. The company has delivered this message through medical journals, social media outlets, and conferences, Mercola.com listed.

Coca-Cola made a $1.5 million donation last year to two universities where the leaders of the new front group are currently working at, the news outlet wrote. The company has also funded $4 million to projects spearheaded by two of the group's funding members.

One of the Coca-Cola's funded groups claimed that weight loss is not attained through lesser food intake, but maintaining an active lifestyle and consuming more calories, Mercola.com added. Louisiana's Pennington Biomedical Research Center, which was also funded by the beverage corporation, said in their study that global childhood obesity is caused by the lack of physical activity.

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