Updated 11:23 AM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

'Deflategate' Decision Out This Week - What is Tom Brady's Ruling?

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The "Deflategate" scandal is set to finally come to a resolution this week and NFL fans are awaiting what will happen to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

CNN reported that there was no settlement reached between the National Football League, Tom Brady and the NFL Players Association on the suspension of the NFL star.

It noted that District Court Judge Richard Berman will release his ruling on the said case before Friday. CNN said the judge has three options on the quarterback: uphold his suspension, overturn it or send the case back to an arbitrator.

All issue stemmed after the Patriots were accused of using underinflated footballs to win the AFC championship game versus the Indianapolis Colts this January.

An NFL investigation report released earlier indicated that "more probable than not," Jim MacNally, a Patriots locker-room attendant was the one who controlled the air pressure in the footballs that Brady used, noted the New York Times.

"Another Patriots employee, an equipment assistant named John Jastremski, was in direct communication with Brady and provided McNally with memorabilia, including shoes and autographed footballs," added the same report.

It also added that the quarterback could also have knowledge on the use of under inflated balls.

"There is less direct evidence linking Brady to tampering activities than either McNally or Jastremski. We nevertheless believe, based on the totality of the evidence, that it is more probable than not that Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of McNally and Jastremski," said the report quoted by the New York Times.

Meanwhile, an NESN report said that the league did not extend a settlement offer to the quarterback. But the NFL reportedly was willing "to cut the New England Patriots quarterback's suspension to three games if he admitted Deflategate guilt."

Brady has since become the center of the deflate gate scandal with all attention drawn into him.

But the quarterback, according to Fox Sports, even managed to joke about his whole experience during a recent gala show of the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation at Gillette Stadium.

"Yeah, it's been such an enjoyable offseason," Brady said which earned the laughter of the crowd.

He also noted that he enjoyed the attention especially coming from Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.

"When he rubbed the mud all over his body, that's probably the one I enjoyed most," Brady mentioned in the Fox Sports report.

Come Friday, he is certainly hoping that the decision will be on his favor but that remains to be a big question for now.

After all the caucus on the deflate gate issue, what will really happen to Tom Brady?

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