Updated 03:37 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date: Windows 10 Device Out Soon? Price, Specs & Features Here [Rumors]

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Microsoft has put a date to the reveal of its latest Surface Pro gadget. According to Cubic Lane, rumors of the much-awaited Surface Pro 4 is set for October 4 and is expected to come in two different sizes: the smaller 12-inch screen model and the 14-inch larger version.

According to The Verge senior editor Tom Warren in a series of tweets, the gadget will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor, Surface Pro 3.

It is also said to come with a Skylake chip, with various RAM configurations of up to 16GB, and up to 1TB worth of storage space. Other than that, it is also said to have superior battery performance compared to the SP3.

There are also rumors that suggest the SP4 will come with the USB Type-C ports, 256GB Samsung SSDs, with an 8MP rear shutter and a 3.5MP front camera.

Unfortunately, as Design & Trend noted, there are no specific details about the SP4's performance-based specs, although reports said that the parts that Microsoft has ordered for their latest hybrid gadget are all "high-end hardware". Oh, and for those who were fond of the stylus pen, don't fret: it looks like Surface Pro mce_markernbsp; is also said to have a new Surface Pen.

The possibility of Microsoft releasing two different sizes for the SP4 is not unusual -- last year's SP3 was supposed to come hand in hand with an 8-inch Surface Mini, after all. However, the product was pulled out before its launch and this year variation of sizes is only an incarnation of that idea, although hopefully it will go through this time as larger devices continue to sell. With this, Microsoft must also vary their own gadget sizes to accommodate different consumer demands.

In line with that, Tech Times revealed that the gadget will come with a high-end version that costs around $1,300 with a reported 4K screen resolution and the rumored 16GB of RAM.

For those who don't want to spend over $1,000 for a gadget they might be replacing in a year's time, the base model is supposed to cost relatively less at $500, but would only come with 4GB or RAM.

The Surface Pro 4 is reported to be one of the most awaited gadgets of the year, and it will be competing with Apple's iPad Pro for top tier status. However, as noted by Inquisitr, the Surface Pro 4 is going to have an edge over Apple this year as it has already proved itself to be a leader in laptop-tablet hybrids -- a feat that Apple is yet to waddle on.

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