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MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date & Price: 15-Inch Version Launching Next Year? Specs & Features Here! [Rumors]

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Several tech outlets believe that Apple's bigger MacBook Pro would be released early in 2016 to adjust to the availability of Intel's high-end processors that are compatible with the Cupertino-based company's laptop series.

According to Motley Fool, the iPhone-maker would not be able to manufacture the 15-inch version of MacBook Pro until Intel is able to release its latest line of notebook processors included in the H-series.

This, says the outlet, may be a safe bet considering that the company's latest refresh of the Retina MacBook Pro had received negative feedback due to very minimal updates as well as the absence of a new processor.

Among these 'minimal' updates include faster and more discrete graphics processor and a Force Touch track pad, as well as slightly larger battery.

The outlet also noted that though speculations about the availability of updated Intel processors this fall may not be as true as most expected, leaked information posted in Fanless Tech indicates that the quad-core Skylake processors would see the light of day until early 2016.

This may be due to the Intel's plans to release processors that have 'lower end' integrated graphics configuration dubbed as "GT2" earlier than its 'higher end' ones.

Currently, Apple's MacBook's uses more high-tech GT3e graphics engine and is expected to have a much better GT4e graphics after its Skylake H-series processors are released.

Another theory from Vine Report says that the 2016 MacBook Air would see an early release in 2016. Rumors posted in Geek Snack say the Cupertino-based company is putting massive discounts on its 2015 counterpart.

Whatever the reason behind the apparent delay of its release, fans remain excited in experiencing the bigger, more updated version of MacBook which, according to Australia Network News, may be a laptop best used for gaming purposes.

Geeky Gadgets said the GPU in the Apple-made personal computer that is best used in gaming.

According to the report, Nvidia's revelation of a new graphic card known as the GeForce GTX 950 matched with 2GB-worth of RAM and costs about $159 would most probably be included in the 2016 MacBook Pro pack.

"Chances are the new line-up of Pro 2016 by Apple will arrive equipped with the graphic card in question. The rumor could likely be true given that the current Apple already features Nvidia graphic cards," the report read.

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