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'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Spoilers & Cast: New Jon Snow Predictions Emerge

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Fan-favorite fictional character Jon Snow of the "Game of Thrones" continues to boggle the minds of the TV series's audiences as more predictions and speculation about his parentage emerge.

The popular character played by Kit Harington has continuously raked entertainment headlines for the past few months, which started right after his untimely "death" on the show's season 5 finale episode.

For those who have not joined the Snow bandwagon yet, he is a major character dubbed the "bastard son" of Winterfell's Lord Eddard Stark.

After he was left for dead in the middle of a cold and icy winter day, fans have fired up the speculation machine and pondered whether or not he really is gone from the show.

Of course, among the hot topics fans discussed had been his true parentage which YouTube user Alt Shift X believes to be Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, or more popularly known as the "R+L=J theory."

Watch the fan-made lineage graph here:

Huffington Post earlier reported that while audiences were led to believe that Snow was Ned Stark's son, the fourth episode of the 5th season have hinted that this may not be true.

"Jon's history is alluded to multiple times when Sansa and Littlefinger discuss Lyanna and Rhaegar, when Stannis shows doubt that Ned slept with a prostitute, hinting that Ned may not be Jon's father after all, and when Melisandre alludes to the possibility of Jon having King's Blood," the report read.

Now, a couple of new theories about Snow's family have surfaced which, says Huffington Post, would change current speculations and knowledge - again.

The first theory which was revealed by Redditor ghostchief claims that Lyanna Stark had twins: Jon Snow and a girl.

This theory, according to Huffington Post, is based on the opening scene in the series' upcoming new season showing Ned Stark and his sister just before Lyanna died after giving birth.

"The dialogue swells and clarifies to [Lyanna's] voice, 'Promise me, Ned,'" the report described the scene.

"Her eyes slowly close. Ned begins to sob. He raises his head to sound another high pitch noise coming from the foot of the bed. A baby girl," it continued.

Another interesting theory is that Jon Snow's twin sister is Meera Reed, a character played by Ellie Kendrick.

Aside from their impeccable similarity in looks, the outlet thinks that Meera Reed may be the baby girl in the opening scene.

Here is their theory: Ned Stark and Howland Reed, the lone survivors of the battle in the Tower of Joy, took the twins and split them up with Jon coming with Ned as his bastard son and Meera went with Howland.

Furthermore, Meera and Jon have the same age as they were both born in 283 AC, the exact same year when Lyanna Stark died.

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