Updated 12:57 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer & Cast: Leaked Toy Image Reveals Look of New 'Episode 7' Character [Spoilers]

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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" continue to conquer headlines, as a leaked image of a new toy line set for release in September reveal the exact look of a mysterious new character.

According to Screen Rant, Hasbro is scheduled to release a new line of merchandise, depicting characters of the highly-anticipated seventh episode of the epic "Star Wars" saga on the first Friday of September, cleverly named "Force Friday."

The merchandise will include a toy line, says the outlet, and it includes a collection of vehicles, action figures and a number of items that brings the seemingly world much closer.

Disney chose "Force Friday" to make its big release of merchandise, where toys from popular toy makers like Hasbro, Mattel and Lego are set to be unveiled.

While the release is still a little more than a week away, some of this much-awaited merchandise have already leaked online.

In fact, according to Yahoo Movies, images of the toys prove quite a huge revelation, considering how Lucasfilm, Disney and director J. J. Abrams are taking release of information about the franchise very seriously.

Despite these efforts, however, some unintended leaks occurred as noted by the Hollywood Reporter, leaving the "Star Wars" makers seeking subpoena to a particular website. The outlet in question allegedly hosted a screenshot showing what seemed to be Sith lord from the shooting, putting Lucasfilm on lockdown.

The recent leak involves a new character, which, according to the Inquisitr, revealed its exact look in the toy line.

The leaked image shows a toy version of First Order flame trooper alongside Finn and another character named Constable Zuvio, a 3.75-inch "build-a-weapon" action figure.

According to Yahoo, Constable Zuvio is a character unknown to "Star Wars" fans, but is thought to be a dessert dweller from Jakku considering his outfit.

Aside from this observation, the outlet also noted his scythe-like weapon, that may lead some to speculate that he is no good guy.

Looking at the toy's description, Slash Film cited that the character is "a vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world. The tough and humorless Constable Zuvio keeps order in a frontier trading post."

Meanwhile, Twitter user Thomas Storaï noticed how Zuvio looks much like Embo, saying: "I think someone from #TheForceAwakens team loves #TheCloneWars Constable Zuvio looks a lot like Embo!"

What do you think about Constable Zubio's role? Are you excited to see "The Force Awakens"? Sound off in the comments section below.

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