Updated 01:42 AM EDT, Sat, Sep 25, 2021

Steph Curry News: Hounding Freeway Fan, Golf With Barack Obama & More

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After winning the NBA Finals game last season and being awarded the MVP title, Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry has definitely been the focus of the limelight with him being followed by a fan on the freeway and playing golf with US President Barack Obama.

TMZ Sports said the MVP got pissed with the fan who hounded him on a freeway just to get an autograph.

In a tweet, Curry recounted how his family car was tailed on the road for about 39 miles.

"PSA. Noticeably following my family's car on the road for nearly 30 miles & tailing me the whole way is not the best way to get an autograph," read Curry's tweet.

There has been no reports if the basketball superstar informed the authorities of the incident.

NESN also said Curry failed to elaborate how he was able to know that someone was following him.

On the positive side, Bleacher Report said Curry recently went on a golf game with the POTUS along with father Dell Curry and Ray Allen.

During his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Curry shared that he enjoyed the friendly game with Obama.

But it was reportedly not that friendly with the President doing some trash-talking on the course.

 "There would be like a four-foot putt, and in the friendly games where you're not really playing for money or betting or anything, usually it's a gimme, you just pick it up," SB Nation quoted Curry.

"He'd be crickets - just silent. Just looking at you like 'Are you going to mark your putt? Are you going to make that?' He'd put the pressure on you, that kind of deal. He'd talk about 'Oh, you're shaking' that kind of stuff." 

He added that there was also a lot of pressure during the game for him since they were surrounded with about 25 secret agents.

This could have been the reason why Curry and his father lost but SB Nation said that the MVP made "a triple-bogey on the final hole."

Aside from talking about his experience with Obama, Curry also discussed her daughter Riley, who was also present during the TV interview.

Riley made headlines when she would steal the post-game press conferences from her father with her cute antics.

Mercury News said Curry recognized the endearing charm of her daughter, saying, "She took it by storm."

The 3-year-old Riley seemed prepared to appear on the camera as she smiled and waved to her father and Kimmel when she was mentioned.

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