Updated 05:03 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Amber Rose Victimized in Alleged Online Prostitution Scam! Get the Details Here

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Her 'allure' is being used to trick women into becoming prostitutes and Amber Rose is not keeping her mouth sealed about it.

The 31-year-old American hip-hop model had plenty to say to warn her fans about a company that reportedly recruits models "for a paid celebrity photoshoot and clothing line," TMZ reported.

According to the report, the Los Angeles Police Department is already working on discovering the culprit behind the prostitution scams that sprouted from an Instagram post dubbed as "a FaceTime session with Amber."

During the session, models who were called in would see Amber "struggling" with a bad connection which would inadvertently end the FaceTime.

Watch the Ustream clip the suspects used here.

Apparently, the scammers used an old clip from the model's Ustream and altered it to make it look realistic and continue with their modus operandi.

After gathering ladies who 'pass,' they would invite the 'aspiring models' for a personal meet up where they would be set up on a date with wealthy men.

But that is not all there is to it. The company added a 'catch' in the meet up.

It entails getting more than just up-close-and-personal and intimate with the rich men, claiming that they would land bigger and better projects if they did what they were told.

After learning about this, Amber Rose got mad and immediately posted a warning Tweet to her fans and followers about the case.

"If ur receiving emails or Text from amberrosemuva@gmail.com dat ain't me Bih," the 31-year-old model Tweeted on Sunday.

"Apparently that email has been Facetiming my fans 2 with an old ustream I did then hanging up saying they had bad reception smh," she added.

She further expressed her opinion toward the scammers in another Tweet.

Outlets like E! News and UK's The Mirror reached out to the model for further comment but there are no indications yet on whether or not she would take legal action on the matter.

TMZ did not mention the name of the company nor the aspiring model who reportedly complained about the scam on Monday.

The 'aspirant' claimed that the scam "roped her into a prostitution ring."

Amid this controversy, Rose continues with her life on the spotlight.

She even shared a photo of her and Nick Cannon over Instagram showing her kissing her mentor on the cheeks, captioned: "Dinner with my Mentor, one of my best friends and Manager @nickcannon Love u glad ur feeling better."

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