Updated 11:57 AM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy Note 5: Release Date, Price, Features & Specs Roundup [Facts & Rumors]

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Samsung continues to present more cutting-edge technology by developing better devices for its consumers.

Te Galaxy Note which, according to Stuff, has "single-handedly kickstarted the phablet revolution."

A person seen handling this device at present would be considered way behind in terms of technological advances as it the company has already developed better versions of it - not to mention phased out its production.

The newest addition to the Galaxy Note family - the Galaxy Note 5 - has increasingly become popular because of its sleeker design and better-performing innards.

The next generation Galaxy Note sports a thinner and lighter body with its 7.6-millimeter thickness and 171-grams weight.

It is also known to have 'S6-esque' specs such as a movable LED flash and a rear heart-rate sensor as well as microUSB port, microphone and speaker grille located along the bottom of the device.

Unfortunately, like the S6 and S6 Edge, the Galaxy Note 5 would have a non-removable 3000mAh battery and would not have an expandable memory since its design and material construction upgrade needed to sacrifice the microSD slot.

On the plus side, users of the Galaxy Note 5 are able to enjoy bigger memory sizes starting off at 32GB as well as access to 100GB-worth of Microsoft OneDrive Cloud storage.

For those worried about battery consumption caused by massive internal storage capacities, never fear because the Korean giant has also boosted the device with an Ultra-Fast wireless charging using a separate pad.

Its display has also been upgraded to have an almost-mammoth resolution of 518ppi, only a couple of pixels short of LG G4's 538ppi and Galaxy S6's 577ppi which are both sized the same as the Galaxy Note 5.

But if given a choice between holographic display and the now-old-school touchscreen, the choice of most users is obvious.

Off of rumors, Stuff suggested that the company is developing an upcoming mobile device dubbed as the Galaxy S7.

According to Stuff, the Korean giant is now working on bringing the "Star Wars-style" holograms into the palm of your hands by December.

Something like this, but cooler.

This speedy development, says the report, is all thanks to their new manufacturing system "Agile" which shaves as much as two months-worth of production time from their previous system.

According to Stuff, Samsung may have already found a way to make the long-standing dream of bringing 3D holographic images to mobile device consumers a reality-that is, if the patent Patently Mobile cited is real.

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