Updated 10:59 PM EST, Sun, Nov 29, 2020

Veteran RB Chris Johnson Seals 1-Year Deal With the Arizona Cardinals

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Running back Chris Johnson is the newest addition to the Arizona Cardinals after he inked a one-year deal with the team.

The deal could reportedly cost around $2 million according to ESPN.

Meanwhile, SkySports reported that when he joins the Cardinals, Johnson can possibly help running back Andre Ellington since the team is still not sure when rusher David Johnson will return after his hamstring injury.

"Chris is one of those guys where every time he touched the ball, you held your breath. He can take it to the house," said Cardinals coach Bruce Arians.

For Ellington, Johnson's addition to the team is an exciting experience.

"I'm excited, man. As many players as we can get in here to help us win a championship, I'm all for it. He's a legend; he's a guy I can learn a lot from, so I'm looking forward to it," Ellington told Arizona Sports.

He added that he also wants to learn a lot of things from the veteran running back, whom he claimed he looks up to.

"I studied his game a lot coming up, coming through high school and college. He's a guy that can go get it. I learned a lot from his skill set and I'm glad to have him on my team," Ellington said.

Turning 30 this September, Johnson is an unrestricted free agent after joining the New York Jets last year, added ESPN.

He reportedly rushed for 2,006 yards during the early part of his career but was only able to make 663 yards on 155 rushing attempts and one touchdown when he was still part of the Jets.

Asked if Johnson's acquisition caused a problem with the other running backs in the team, Arians told AZ Central that it didn't.

"I don't think Andre [Ellington] needed one. We'll see with David [Johnson]. He's so young that he probably doesn't know who Chris Johnson is," the coach said.

The same report said that David knows Chris but claimed that he is not threatened with him being part of the team.

"I'm trying to get back on the field first. I can't really feel threatened if I'm not on the field right now, still injured," said David.

A separate ESPN report explained that he is still currently dealing with his hamstring injury recovery.

"You can feel good but you don't know until you start running. I got to take it day-by-day," David explained.

But David said that he will continue working hard to regain his health and strength.

"Only thing that I'm missing, really, is just the physical part. I feel like once that comes, my instincts and my talents will hopefully help me catch up a lot quicker," the quarterback explained.

He added that he feels he will heal faster than expected.

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