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Demi Lovato Defends Younger Sister Madison De La Garza Against Cyber Bullies

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Madison De La Garza, Demi Lovato's younger sibling, has opened up about being cyberbullied and how it feels like to have an international pop star for a sister.

Lovato, 22, is known for speaking up against online trolls, and she proved once again that she has no tolerance for insults from strangers when it comes to 13-year-old De La Garza. According to the latter's interview in Seventeen magazine's September issue, Lovato coming to her defense helps her a lot.

"For example, last year I got a ton of negative comments after I posted a Vine on Twitter where I was cooking with Demi. People made fun of me, saying I had a hunchback. Demi freaked and direct-messaged people to yell at them, and she tweeted at her followers to stand up for me," De La Garza explained to Seventeen.

She continued, "Sometimes I wish she wouldn't give people attention -- I've learned not to -- but when people hate on me, she can't really hold back. She's strong and she's a free spirit, and that's what I love about her."

De La Garza, who starred on "Desperate Housewives" as Juanita Solis, also said that the "Cool for the Summer" singer always makes it a point to communicate with her family despite her busy schedule. De La Garza revealed that she and Lovato constantly text each other, as well as their mom, Dianna Hart, and other sister, Dallas, who is 27 years old, Seventeen magazine wrote.

"When Demi is home, our relationship is just like any sisters'. We get fro-yo and watch the ID channel -- we're obsessed -- and we talk about anything and everything. I know I can trust her with it all," De La Garza told the magazine.

However, the teen actress admitted that having a sister as famous and busy as Lovato can be hard, Seventeen added.

Lovato also plays the part of the supportive and protective older sister. "I tell Madison to call me as much as possible," the recording artist said, as quoted by Seventeen. "I want her to come to me with things. I just let her know that I'm always there for her, whether I'm on the other side of the world or I'm next door."

The former Disney star previously revealed that De La Garza's love was one of the reasons why she sought treatment for her addictions back in 2010, Us Weekly reported. Lovato also credits her three years of sobriety to her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. The songstress went to rehab for three months at the Timberline Knolls residential center, Daily Mail wrote.

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