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'Frozen 2' Release Date, Movie Trailer & Plot Spoilers: Is This The New Elsa?

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Disney's 2013 smash hit "Frozen" focused on Elsa as an isolated, anxious, and fearful young woman. Her powerful magical abilities contributed to the character's personality and how she lived with her sister, Anna, and the other people living in Arendelle.

However, the animated film's ending showcased a more open and happier Elsa, prompting suggestions that her persona will have a drastic change in the sequel.

Director Chris Buck confirmed Elsa's character development for "Frozen 2."

"[In Frozen] she had such a dramatic journey, and at the end she's just starting to feel like she can open up and have some fun again. That's what was really good about the short [Frozen Fever] - we could have fun with Elsa. And that personality . . . you will see in the next one," Buck revealed, as quoted by Fandango.

In an interview with MTV, the filmmaker assured fans that "Frozen 2" will highlight Elsa and Anna's growing bond as sisters, who he described as "very strong female leads." Buck also added that the sequel will tackle other issues that men and women - young and old alike - are experiencing.

"I think we're very aware of what is happening in society," Buck explained, as reported by MTV. "I don't think any of us take [them] lightly, even though they can be very funny and entertaining, the messages that our movies have and the influence they can have on young people. When the kids [watch] them, they watch them over and over again, and if we don't have a decent message in there, I think we've missed an opportunity."

Buck also revealed to MTV that he and co-director Jennifer Lee have a "strong" overall concept for "Frozen 2," but the whole thing is still in the development process.

Chris Buck Confirms Link Between 'Frozen' & 'Tarzan'

Buck somewhat confirmed in a Reddit AMA the theories suggesting that Tarzan is Elsa and Anna's younger brother.

According to the theory, Elsa and Anna's parents, who presumably died in a shipwreck in "Frozen," are actually alive and washed up to a jungle shore, where they lived, built a treehouse in, and became parents to a baby boy. As what was showed in the 1999 film "Tarzan," the couple was unfortunately killed by a leopard, with their infant son going into the care of gorillas, Mashable noted.

"In my little head, Anna and Elsa's brother is Tarzan . . . That's my fun little world," Buck said, as quoted by Mashable. "I say, whatever people want to believe, go for it. If you want to tie them all together, then do it. That's the spirit of Disney."

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