Updated 05:09 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Broncos' Peyton Manning Claims Patriots' Tom Brady Apologized For E-Mail Hit

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All is well between Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after the latter apologized for his jab at Manning's career in a series of e-mails released for the past week.

Toronto Sun said that Manning revealed the apology sent via text, though he tagged it as unnecessary since he claims that he really did not think about the issue a lot.

"Everybody has been speculating on that for a long time, so I guess he's joining the list of trying to predict. Hey, Tom sent me an apology text that was unnecessary. The fact his e-mails got revealed, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me," the quarterback said.

The e-mails from the account of Brady, which were estimated to be more than 1,000 pages, were reportedly released last week as these were part of the NFL Player Association's (NFLPA) case against the league in relation to Brady's alleged involvement in the "deflategate" scandal.

In one of the e-mails sent around November last year, Brady seemed to have commented on his rivalry with Manning as they are both Hall of Famers in their sport.

"I've got another 7 or 8 years. He has 2. That's the final chapter. Game on," Brady reportedly wrote as per ESPN.

Yahoo Sports said Brady clearly wanted to raise his supremacy over Manning as the greatest quarterback that the league has. It noted that his "longevity" should end the debate and their comparison.

It was also reported that in another correspondence, Brady's friend commented on Manning's needed effort to succeed.

"Manning needs things to be perfect to succeed, weather, his system, etc," the e-mail read.

To this, Brady responded with "we are some hard working grinders beav. That's what our team is all about. Our best is still ahead of us.''

Meanwhile, CBS Sports discussed that Peyton was not offended with Brady's e-mails adding that this is jab is just an "amateur hour" for him because he has encountered worse in his life and career.

"No harm, no foul, I didn't think a lot of it. Somebody said I was roasted, I've been roasted before and that is not roasted. I haven't been on a Comedy Central roast, but I've been to a couple private dinners and banquets where I didn't know it was going to turn into a roast of me, but it did. I can promise you that email was amateur night compared to some of the things that were said about me," Manning explained.

The relationship of the two does not seem affected with all the issues surrounding them, even the "deflategate" investigation.

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