Updated 11:38 AM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

Jason Terry Leaving Houston Rockets for New Orleans Pelicans? Get the Details Here

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Free agent and Houston Rockets point guard Jason Terry may soon leave his team and transfer to the New Orleans Pelicans after the latter reportedly gave him an offer.

According to My Fox Houston sources, representatives of the basketball player have received an offer from the Pelicans. He was also reportedly offered by the Rockets to return to Houston but noted that the offer was "insufficient."

There is speculation that the Rockets would not commit to a two-year contract with Terry which is what he wanted, as per The Dream Shake.

Sports Illustrated said that Houston offered Terry "a veteran minimum contract to return." On the other hand, the Pelicans can offer him $600,000 more than a minimum deal under the biannual exception.

"The Rockets traded for point guard Ty Lawson in July, and also signed shooting guard Marcus Thornton to join mainstays James Harden and Patrick Beverly in the rotation. Signing Terry to a deal above the veteran minimum would hard-cap the Rockets as a tax-paying team," added the same report.

Certainly, money should is one of the deciding factors for the free agent as taking more money in New Orleans would reportedly make more sense for this veteran player, who could be nearing his retirement since he is already turning 38.

But in case he indeed signs with the Pelicans, he could be one of the starting players along with Jrue Holiday and Eric Gordon, since Norris Cole has not re-signed with the team.

Terry could be a great catch as Sports Illustrated said that he had an average of seven points per game from the 77 games he took part in last season.

It was added by My Fox Houston that he started all 17 games of the Rockets during last season's playoffs with an average of 9.2 points and 2.8 assists.

"Terry can still fire away and would be a dependable backup guard," added The Bird Writes. It also mentioned that he is a great player for point and shooting positions which the Pelicans would greatly need for next season.

"He would give the Pelicans more shooting off the bench, a want that is never in surplus," the same report highlighted.

As for the Rockets, The Dream Shake added that their Plan B is still unclear.

"They have Lawson and Beverley on roster, but, other than Harden, nobody else is remotely capable of handling the ball," added the same report.

The spot on the roster is expected to be given to a point guard.

Terry's possible transfer could mean a lot for the Pelicans but could also equate to a great loss for the Rockets.

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