Updated 10:37 PM EST, Fri, Feb 26, 2021

Pedro Not Leaving Barcelona Despite 'Complicated' Situation? Player Reveals the Big Question

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FC Barcelona forward Pedro disputed reports that he was asked to leave the team, but cited "difficult situation."

Goal reported that the 28-year-old player was deleted from the list of players competing during the team's match against Sevilla on Tuesday in Tbilisi. The club's technical secretary Robert Fernandez reportedly claimed that Pedro expressed his intention to leave the club.

While Pedro contributed well in recent victories of the team, the winger is seen unhappy with his current home.

He raised the issue of Fernandez's public comment, adding that his sentiments have grounds and not just simply because he wants to exit the team.

"I am not completely happy in the situation. Robert Fernandez said something he doesn't know. I spoke with the captains, the president, the coach... just a few seconds with him. I don't understand why he said I asked to leave using these words, he doesn't know how I feel in this team," Pedro explained.

The player assured fans that no matter what happens, he will remain a Barcelona supporter.

He noted that he is not in an "easy situation" since he always desired to give the best for the club and play to the best of his abilities.

"I was angry when I knew I had to stay on the bench, having had a chance with Neymar's illness," he added.

Pedro was referring to Neymar's absence in the game over the weekend due to mumps. ESPN said that Pedro was thought to be lined up with other players like Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez for Tuesday's game.

Coach Luis Enrique reportedly chose Rafinha to start the game instead of Pedro.

"I don't want to leave Barcelona but it is a complicated situation. It is not a money question, but a continuity question. I want to play. Luis Enrique preferred other players and I have been waiting a lot of time," Pedro explained.

Asked about his possible transfer to Manchester United, the player said he is still happy with where he is, but noted that if he decides to go, he will hold his head up high.

"I'm here now and I want to enjoy this title. Manchester? Yes, there are nice challenges on all sides. Today I'm here, and I'm happy. And if I go I will go with my head held high having always given everything. These fans and this club are incredible," Pedro said in a Telegraph report.

For his part, Barcelona star player Messi claimed that he is still unsure of Pedro's future but said he will support any decision he will make.

"I'm thrilled that Pedro was the one to get the winning goal. Personally I don't know what his decision will be but we're all with him and we'll back him. We want the best for him given what he's given the club -- he deserves the best. I don't know what he'll decide but whatever he'll have our support," Messi added.

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