Updated 06:21 PM EDT, Mon, Apr 19, 2021

Naya Rivera Shares 3rd Trimester Pregnancy: ‘I Could See the Finish Line’

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Naya Rivera is not shy when it comes to sharing even the most intimate details about her pregnancy. Now in her third trimester, the mom-to-be talked to Yahoo! Style about the joys and struggles of being pregnant, and how she prepares herself for the bigger responsibility that is having a child.

"It's such a change physically, mentally, and in terms of lifestyle, that I definitely didn't know what to expect going into it," Rivera said of her pregnancy, as quoted by Yahoo! Style. "I have friends who are moms, and you hear stories and stuff, but it's never the same until you actually experience it yourself. So I think everything has pretty much surprised me."

She continued, "There's a lot, physically, that changes with your body when you're pregnant, and I guess no one could've warned me about that stuff."

Rivera, together with her husband Ryan Dorsey, announced her pregnancy on Feb. 24 via her official website. However, the couple has not yet revealed their child's gender.

The former "Glee" star told Yahoo! Style that her pregnancy cravings include ice cream, but she makes it a point to be healthy by taking vitamins and supplements, as well as eating vegetables. She also revealed that she has been doing elliptical workouts.

Reaching the third and final trimester of her pregnancy made Rivera feel "ecstatic." According to the 28-year-old actress' blog post, she could "see the finish line and it felt so good."

"Sure, my back was on fire and I was tipping the scales at numbers I didn't think I could ever reach, but who cares?! WE'RE ALMOST DONE!" she wrote excitedly on her blog. "Being in my third trimester means hard work is ahead and every day a new body part aches or seemingly falls apart. But it also comes with its share of really fun and exciting things too."

Last February, Rivera also wrote a blog post on PEOPLE and mentioned how her pregnancy made having sex with Dorsey difficult.

However, Rivera thinks that being a celebrity has its own negative side for pregnant women, given that people on the Internet can be so quick to be rude and critical.

"Pregnancy is such a beautiful time to me, and I feel like you should embrace your body in whatever stage it's in. So it's kind of hard being an actress, being a celebrity, and having people scrutinize how you physically look, and just saying the craziest things," she explained to Yahoo! Style.

To deal with the haters, Rivera tries to remember that she doesn't know the cyberbullies personally, nor do they know her, so whatever they say should not be taken seriously, the news outlet noted.

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