Updated 04:32 AM EDT, Wed, Apr 08, 2020

Ben Affleck 'Nannygate' Scandal Heightens as Reports Reveal Perks of Working for 'Batman vs Superman' Star

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The "Nannygate Scandal" continues to storm headlines as reports reveal the perks former nanny Christine Ouzounian enjoyed while working for Ben Affleck.

The New York Post revealed photos showing Ouzounian during a trip to Las Vegas with Tom Brady and Affleck himself posing with four Bowl rings of the New England Patriots quarterback.

The photo, which was allegedly taken in a private jet she rode in with the "Batman v. Superman" star and the quarterback to Las Vegas, shows the 28-year-old caretaker gleaming with a "satisfied smile" while wearing a white skinny jeans and blank tank top.

"The nanny is clearly relaxed, kicking off her shoes and striking a sexy pose on her seat," the New York Post described.

But what is the real story behind this controversial photo?

According to the outlet, the image was reportedly taken on June 27, just three days before Affleck and Jennifer Garner made their divorce public.

The outlet's official Twitter account also shows the same photo, captioned: "Ben Affleck flew his nanny to Vegas - while unsuspecting Jen stayed home with the kids."

Apparently, the 43-year-old actress had no idea where her husband and nanny were off to and cluelessly stayed at home with their three children.

A source told Hollywood Life that Affleck personally invited the former nanny to join him on a trip back to Los Angeles while they were in the Bahamas but had changed his mind and decided to bring her on a charity poker tournament in Las Vegas with his pal, Brady.

"Technically, he was her boss, not Jen. But along the way, he convinced her to go to Las Vegas with him for his poker tournament. They even stopped and picked up Tom Brady for the trip. While in Vegas, Ben hid Christine the entire time," the source told Hollywood Life.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that it may have raised red flags, considering that they did not bring the kids to the trip which should have been a valid excuse for the nanny to come along.

After Garner learned about the trip upon their return to Los Angeles, she "flipped out" and fired Ouzounian immediately, Hollywood Life's source stated.

This and the fact that Affleck did nothing to defend her pushed the nanny to result to legal actions against Garner by suing her for wrongful dismissal.

"In truth, Christine would rather be Ben's girlfriend than nanny. She has strong feelings for him and wishes he wanted a relationship," says the Hollywood Life source.

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