Updated 02:56 AM EDT, Thu, Oct 28, 2021

Android M 5.2 Download & Release Date: Biggest Change Expected in Nexus 5, Nexus 6 & Nexus 9 [News & Rumors]

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Google's new operating system, Android M, was released at the company's I/O's opening keynote in May. The tech giant referred to the new mobile OS as "the most polished Android release to date," Mashable reported.

It has plenty of new features and tweaks, such as Doze, Direct Share, RRO (Runtime Resource Overlay) Theme Engine, and Google Now on Tap.

A recent report from Android Geeks indicated that the latest version of Google's new OS, the Android M 5.2, is about to roll out for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, and Nexus 9 users as soon as the testing phase ends. The OS is sure to bring significant changes and intriguing features, with the new granular app permissions system as one of them.

According to Android Geeks, the new feature allows apps to no longer seek for permission upon installation. Instead, permissions will pop up for users whenever apps are trying to access them.

"For example, when you want to send an WhatsApp voice message a window will appear asking for your permission to use the mic. The app remembers your choice and you can change the granted permissions in settings, too," the news outlet explained.

There's also the Deep Linking for apps, a feature that lets smartphones know which app to use for a particular type of link, Android Geeks added. Another modification is the customizable Quick Settings tiles, and the capability to add or remove icons in the status bar.

In addition, the Android M 5.2 update for Nexus devices also comes with automatic app data backup and restore, Android Geeks further noted. Data in applications can now be backed up on Google Drive every 24 hours with a limit of 25 MB per app. Android M is also graced with the ability to use SD cards as internal storage.

Updates for the Store Manager and RAM Manager are there as well. The former can now display which apps consume free space, while the latter lets users know each app's RAM usage and the maximum RAM it used, the news outlet added.

Ars Technica took note of the fixed app drawer, which still has the search bar at the top of the screen and the top row of apps displaying the "predictive apps" bar. The new home screen can now support auto rotate as well.

Other apps given a makeover are the Phone Dialer and Contacts, Android Geeks added. New features are the Do Not Disturb mode, Multi Window, and a new Share menu.

Android Geeks speculated that Android M will be released in October, which was the same month Android Lollipop rolled out in 2014.

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