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MacBook Air 2016 Release Date, Specs & Price Update: Laptop Launching Earlier Than Expected? [Rumors]

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Apple is reportedly taking a new marketing route with the MacBook Air 2016 i8s which has recently been rumored to be launched earlier than expected.

According to Geek Snack, the new MacBook Air, which was initially set to hit the market by March 2016 is being prepped for an early release this November.

With the surprisingly release of the Moto X Style, Moto X Play and Moto G, the outlet sees an early 2016 MacBook launch to be very plausible.

Apple and Motorola have been repeatedly pitted against each other as leading companies in the tech manufacturing industry.

Rumors suggest that the production of MacBook Air 2016 i8s has been ramped up to be released just in time for the Holidays this 2015.

Other rumors also imply some negative reviews of this plan, especially after considering that the MacBook Air 2015's recent release was not been graciously accepted by the public because of its repetitive features and lack of change for a relatively expensive device.

Christian Today sees the $100 introductory price tag for the upcoming 2016 MacBook Air as "the lowest-priced Apple laptop in history."

According to the outlet, the Cupertino-based company incorporated the Intel Core-M-based Skylake processor, the latest chipset Intel has to offer.

The new line of MacBook Air would also be made available in two sizes, a 13-inch and a 15-inch model which would both sport a lighter and thinner exterior than its predecessors.

It would also boast a retina display that offers users an enhanced viewing experience through a 178-degree viewing angle with its richer and more vibrant colors.

The upcoming line of laptops from the iPhone-maker is also expected to run on Microsoft's Windows 10 out of the box.

It would have 4GB random access memory as well as a 128GB and 256GB SSD storage while its premium model is seen to be running on 8GB RAM and 512GB storage space.

Geek Snack also predicts that the upcoming MacBooks from Apple would maintain its backlit keyboard but would replace the rigid buttons with ones that are easier to click and are textured to lessen mistypes.

It would also be thinner than all other Apple laptops - or any laptop at that - with about 11.5 mm thickness.

These are mere speculations and rumors. Apple has yet to confirm any detail as of the writing of this article.

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