Updated 07:29 AM EDT, Wed, Jun 23, 2021

Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto: 'The Money' Defends Choice of Foe, Claims Berto is 'Exciting'

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Andre Berto is a worthy opponent.

This is how undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. sees his next target inside the ring.

During a news conference on Thursday, Mayweather tagged Berto as an exciting match for their fight scheduled on Sept. 12 in Las Vegas, according to the BBC.

"I chose Berto because he's very exciting," Mayweather said of his 31-year old foe.

This came after he was criticized by the public for picking an easy opponent in Berto, who has lost his last three fights, in seeking his 49-0 record.

But this is not how Mayweather sees the American-Haitian fighter.

"Berto is a tough competitor, a former world champion. Every time he goes out he gives it 100 per cent," he said. "He's been given backlash. I've been given backlash. But Andre Berto is going to push Floyd Mayweather to the limit."

US News reported that Mayweather said that he is doing his best to prepare for the fight.

"I don't know why, but I'm just training a lot harder for this fight. I just want to go out with a bang, I guess," Mayweather noted.

Though people doubt that this is going to be the last fight of his career, Mayweather has repeatedly insisted that it is the end of the road for him when it comes to boxing.

"They say they'll offer me a lot of money [to keep fighting]. I have a lot of money. I'm OK," he said.

"It's the end of my (Showtime) deal. I'm an old man now. I'm 38," he added.

For his part, Berto's trainer Virgil Hunter also supported Mayweather's stand in fighting against the former.

"When you look at that weight division, only one stands out, the rest is opinions. Andre Berto is deserving of this opportunity," Hunter said.

Berto, on the other hand, said that he was not surprised that he was picked by Mayweather for the last fight in his career.

"We should probably have had this fight a few years back but everything happens for a reason and the time is now," Berto said.

The fight comes few months after Mayweather unanimously beat Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao in what became an underwhelming "Fight of the Century."

"I know how people feel (after the Pacquiao fight), and it's my luck that I come right behind that. If I would have paid that type of money, I probably would have felt some type of way, too," Berto said in a News.com.au report.

Earlier, Berto called Mayweather a "boring fighter" but the undefeated champ said at least Berto "will be getting his biggest payday."

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