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Bungie Destiny News: Gameplay Missions Will be Harder, Players Will Fail [Trailer]

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Destiny is set to be released for a variety of consoles on Sept. 9, 2014, and legions of fans are looking forward to playing the game and seeing what original Halo developer Bungie has created with their new IP. One executive working on the game revealed that the game will play quite differently than the Halo games created by Bungie. In fact, users may be unprepared for the level of difficulty found in the game, according to the company.

Lead investment designer for Destiny Tyson Green spoke to Game Informer about the game, and he revealed that some missions found in the game will be more difficult than others, so difficult that players may be unprepared for the challenge. The game's difficulty slider will adjust for a player's skill level for multiplayer modes in the game, but some missions will feature challenges that players simply will not be able to accomplish at first.

"We're building lots of encounters, and even activities, where it's not immediately obvious what you should do. And in fact, you're going to fail...Oh my god, you're actually going to play a AAA video game and fail a lot. When we say that we're building something for every mood, we really mean it," Green told Game Informer. 

It will be interesting to see what sort of challenges Green is referring to, and if these challenges enhance the game or if users get frustrated with the roadblocks thrown up in Destiny. Green added that the game's campaign will be more "accessible" and will be the mode that new players should get into first so that they can learn the basics and level up their character.

Green's words echo statements made by Bungie multiplayer lead Lars Bakken, who claimed that the game's multiplayer will be different than the multiplayer found in Bungie's Halo titles.

"Definitely faster. If we are to talk about lethality, it's certainly more lethal than Halo...When you catch a guy with his pants down, you can take him out really quickly. And that's not even including using a heavy weapon or a super to do that. But generally, your primary assault class weapons are going to do a little more damage than what he had in Halo," said Bakken.

Look out for more Destiny news from Bungie right here as the developer prepares the game for the Sept. 9 release date for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 as well as the game's beta coming during the summer of 2014.

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