Updated 03:25 AM EST, Wed, Dec 02, 2020

Manchester United vs PSG: Winner, Scores & Game Highlights

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It was a painful game for Manchester United which lost 0-2 against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday.

Goal reported that the defenders of United were challenged by the players of the opposing team.

PSG won the US leg of the International Champions Cup.

They also added that the game highlighted the possible transfer of Angel di Maria from United to PSG and on what seemed to be an unwillingness of United manager Louis Van Gaal "to invest in a new center back" after reports of Sergio Ramos' deal with Real Madrid.

According to USA Today, PSG had an early 1-0 lead with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, giving his team another point for the victory.

"He started from just inside United's half, took his space, sprayed the ball out wide, continued his run, got it back, and slotted it in past the keeper to give PSG a 2-0 lead. It looked like a training exercise," the report stated.

With his performance, Ibrahimovic is believed to be a good addition to the Manchester United line up if PSG lets him go this summer, according to the Telegraph.

The same report said that the 33-year-old footballer is a "serious talent" with great balling skills.

"Such a charismatic center-forward would be perfect for United and a top quality short-term solution to their goalscoring problems," Telegraph said.

As for the defensive concerns of Manchester, Van Gaal has reportedly not yet addressed these issues. He will be starting four games on tour with Daley Blind in at the center.

Telegraph said that Blind is a "good footballer but is slow" for his position, highlighting that the team direly needs a useful player at the "heart" of their games to improve on their performance.

Chicago Tribune report added that United has already defeated Club America, San Jose and FC Barcelona while PSG beat SL Benfica and Fiorentina before they lost to Chelsea because of penalties.

It also added that goalkeeper David De Gea was replaced by Sam Johnstone after the first goal went past him. This raised a concern for the team, especially for Van Gaal.

"I cannot say [De Gea] did not make a mistake. But everybody can makes mistakes and when a goalkeeper makes a mistake it is mostly a goal and that's the difference," the team manager added.

Van Gaal also said that they have a situation "not favorable for De Gea."

"But neither for us and neither for the club [Real Madrid] that maybe he wants to go to," he added.

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